HD Smartphone Mirroring Integration for Audi with 3G MMi Audio - granting versatility of usage throu

Us Naviplus have been supplying through worldwide and also provide local installation within Australia regarding a Smartphone Integration system into Car audio.

Which is basically a method of utilizing audio display in the car to become a external screen / projector if you may call it - for your smartphone , granting full compatibility with both android and iOS devices.

And we now have something more 'premium', with improvement of the image quality when being displayed on Audio screen of the vehicle.

To be fair, car audio displays are nothing compared to mobile phone screen quality, due to their purpose is different thus built with totally different spec.

However, with our HD Smartphone Mirroring system that provides HDMI image signal, straight to factory audio screen, will fully utilize those high resolution audio screen and grant flawless HD quality performance.

Introducing HD Smartphone Mirroring by Naviplus.

It's based on standard mirroring mechanism, but the difference to other products in the market is that:

To utilize high resolution screen of 3G MMi monitor, We've used HDMI orientated video interface that allows to receive HDMI / Digital video signal, and then display on 3G MMi monitor without further conversion nor coding.

Hence granting significantly clearer image quality in general than

those low resolution factory monitors, having said that recommended for 3G MMi audio setup which grants 800 x 480 resolution.

Also, in addition to it, It will provide additional accessories like Camera that Audi is lack of , or any other AV associated accessories to be fitted at the same time. All without actually change / removing anything from the vehicle / Audi's Audio system.