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HD Smartphone Mirroring Integration for Audi with 3G MMi Audio - granting versatility of usage throu

Us Naviplus have been supplying through worldwide and also provide local installation within Australia regarding a Smartphone Integration system into Car audio.

Which is basically a method of utilizing audio display in the car to become a external screen / projector if you may call it - for your smartphone , granting full compatibility with both android and iOS devices.

And we now have something more 'premium', with improvement of the image quality when being displayed on Audio screen of the vehicle.

To be fair, car audio displays are nothing compared to mobile phone screen quality, due to their purpose is different thus built with totally different spec.

However, with our HD Smartphone Mirroring system that provides HDMI image signal, straight to factory audio screen, will fully utilize those high resolution audio screen and grant flawless HD quality performance.

Introducing HD Smartphone Mirroring by Naviplus.

It's based on standard mirroring mechanism, but the difference to other products in the market is that:

To utilize high resolution screen of 3G MMi monitor, We've used HDMI orientated video interface that allows to receive HDMI / Digital video signal, and then display on 3G MMi monitor without further conversion nor coding.

Hence granting significantly clearer image quality in general than

those low resolution factory monitors, having said that recommended for 3G MMi audio setup which grants 800 x 480 resolution.

Also, in addition to it, It will provide additional accessories like Camera that Audi is lack of , or any other AV associated accessories to be fitted at the same time. All without actually change / removing anything from the vehicle / Audi's Audio system.

Smartphone Wireless Mirroring.

A HD Smartphone Mirroring, on Audi A4's 3G MMi High Resolution audio display - with complete Wireless connectivity.

With utilize of Wireless WiFi receiver Mirroring module, without any lag nor delay to display any contents from smartphone.

Compared to standard RCA / AV connection Mirroring, HDMI image transfer will provide significantly better performance and quality overall.

And with usage of apps in phone, it will certainly grant more features while driving.

GPS Navigation Application

Perhaps a main and the solid reason why people are after a Smartphone Mirroring to be in their vehicle.

A GPS app like Google Map, Apple Map, HERE Map that comes with phone as a standard, or TomTom / Garmin / Sygic / iGO and Waze etc - will be displayed on audio screen of the screen with full their features: Live traffic , alerts, speed warning, camera warninCog to make sure your daily journey to be secured and effective.

HD image quality to display your navigated route, whilst all those sounds and voice guidance will be played through car speakers, that is what Naviplus's HD Smartphone Mirroring offers.

Media Streaming - #Music

It could be quite boring if you got some hot jams in your phone yet your car does not support Bluetooth Audio streaming function.

Or even if it does, some of those have limit with playing certain files or through apps in the phone.

With Naviplus's HD Smartphone Mirroring, which offers mirrored apps to be displayed and played through car's audio system:

It will display any music app you have in your phone - like PowerAmp, Spotify, MuseHD, YoutubeRED etc, to be played through car speakers.

Doesn't matter whether your car has Bluetooth Audio streaming or not - It will play through internal AUX or AMI connection in your vehicle.

And even if neither is available, It can be done with additional accessories like FM Transmitter or Bluetooth audio streamer gadget

Media Streaming - #Video / Movie

Video - Reference: VanossGaming's Video channel.

Watching video through the car audio screen was somewhat been there since early 2000 - through DVD disc insert.?

Whether It's in your phone or through Youtube or other video stream apps, you can watch those video in HD quality, through Audi 3G MMi's high resolution screen and HDMI connection via our HD Smartphone Mirroring system.

It will certainly help you kill the time while waiting for your mate to come out.

How this system works on Audi Vehicle

As our Integration products are all designed to utilize what's already in the car, It will use factory buttons to receive additional role, which allows pressing it couple of times / prolonged pressing will bring up Smartphone Mirroring mode.

Certainly , the rest controls will work as it should and you can continuously go back and forth.

Naviplus's HD Smartphone Mirroring system is currently available for any Audi with 3G MMi audio system, and also compatible with large makers of European vehicles and also Australia's own Holden vehicles with MyLink as well.

We are always all ears to receive any questions or concerns from you regarding what can be done for your vehicle and how it will be done - feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading.



Tel: 03 9995 6580

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