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New Sat Nav upgrade for new Mitsubishi SUVS - on top of CarPlay / Android auto.

Naviplus - Mitsubishi Pajero & Sport, Triton and Outlander's Factory Audio Integrated GPS Navigation System update#1

Mitsubishi's new SUVs and passenger vehicles such as :

Pajero Sports / Pajero



Have been coming with new 7" Infotainment display (finally) from Mitsubishi themselves.

since 2016, Along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as an alternative for Sat Nav.

Whilst the Apple CarPlay / Android Auto certainly does their job and in fact quite impressive with

what they can offer when mobile data & phone apps are connected :

At the same time that due to Wireless CarPlay is yet to be implemented on Mitsubishi but only few selective manufacturers at this stage, having your phone constantly connected just to use Sat Nav and few features may not fully efficient for some people.

Apple CarPlay on Mitsubishi Outlander MY17

And as Mobile data powered Sat Nav will always struggle when there's poor mobile network connection and neither phone nor data is available.

Apple Map being displayed for Navigation, via CarPlay.

Having said that, just like current situation with Honda, Volkswagen and most of those vehicles without Sat Nav but only smartphone type , lots of people end up changing audio headunit to an aftermarket to get built-in Sat Nav that doesn't need any sort of data.

Which is a fair move, but at the same time, It'd be better to keep the original features and audio for solid performance that car can grant, whilst adding built-in Sat Nav feature inside of it, sounds like a better book in our opinion.

By adding a GPS system, inside of the new audio system from Mitsubishi and utilize the touch screen and HD display to become a platform for GPS Navigation.

And once, Naviplus's Factory audio integrated GPS system is installed -

By utilizing the 'HOME' button located on center of the command controls, up on prolonged press of it It will switch audio display mode to GPS Mode, whilst the Factory radio / bluetooth / audio stream etc will remain same and played in background.

Not to mention that It won't cause any change / remove / occurred from the car, during & after installation.

Meaning that the warranty of the vehicle won't be affected but to impress others that, your Ute will have a solid GPS that others don't have.

Mitsubishi Factory Audio Integrated GPS system is currently available by Naviplus, for supply & Installation on compatible vehicles:

Feel free to contact us for more information ---- EMAIL NAVIPLUS

Thank you for reading.


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