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Android Tech 1UP! for your Mercedes Benz, ML and GL Classes

Mercedes Benz W164 M Class (ML) is indeed a historical vehicle within Mercedes Benz. With their success of very first launch with SUV model - W163 back in 1997, the G-Class was going to be replaced with it due to low demand with high price tag.

However, with 2nd gen of M -Class, W164 ML has hit the glorious record throughout the world, It has produced not just its brother GL-Class's launch, but also granted them reputation of Mercedes Benz = Also Great with SUVs, which resulted G-Class to be brought back and now currently have GLC, GLE brothers to be offered to customers.

Although the Mercedes Benz was thoughtful to actually provide vast range of accessories and features even for their base models - sometimes those parts were mismatched. And when it came to an audio, even though their technology was indeed advanced than any others back then, (Bluetooth, Digital radio ready, 4 channel camera, heated Mirrors and wind screens) didn't mean they put those to all of their vehicles.

Hence there's been quite a few ML / GL Classes without any sort of audio with Nav nor screen ( those people want), yet still has premium amplified system with 12 speakers etc. - And that particular ML was missing out AUX.

Yet the most part of concerning will be, now in 2017, those audio and electrical parts in early year models of those like 2006 ~ 2010 models are quite outdated:

NTG Audio Head unit - appearance were differ but provided as base audio headunit With radio control, and simple Bluetooth function.

Audio Infotainment system and amplifiers will be those having many issues by now - due to variety of reason yet mainly will be just typical life span of electrical devices.

Having said that- as We've also received quite lots of enquiries of if they can install an aftermarket headunit to their ML / GL Class - which is of course you can - right parts are all you in need.

GL X164 Series was in slightly better position as It was in flagship model position with S Class hence most of those came with 7" Screen with NAV and Camera.

But yes, ML part was quite a tragic for sure.

And now , as the automotive market is heading towards Apple & Google's territory also, - and thanks to Apple's selfish closed system:

We offer our Android Operating Audio upgrade, for ML and GL Class from 2006 to 2012 Models.

It's an Android Operating whole audio unit, that is compatible with Mercedes Benz ML and GL, from 2006 to 2012 models with mid -dash audio head unit.

As we all know, there are tons of this kind of an aftermarket -direct fit headunit available in overseas.

However, we make sure We test the unit long enough and only supply within that manufacturer / suppliers range.

Not to mention we take care of warranty for units sold / installed by us.

The Android OS inside of our Mercedes ML & GL Android GPS Audio has typical essential apps and features. Yet expandable consider APK Installation / download is somewhat available.

For the GPS Navigation - Our customers either use their own GPS Apk, / download from Google Store or requested us the GPS App to us - Which we certainly supply and install along with actual unit installation.

The beauty of our Android OS Upgrade for ML is, of course with reliability and quality, but also that it provides full compatible with Steering wheel controls and BOSE / Harman Kardon Sound system.

It uses OEM variant of Fibre Optic Amp converter, designed for Bang & Olufsen / BOSE and Harman Kardon, allowing Factory premium sound system to be compatible with aftermarket

Audio system.

Which will play the flyest musics you have, or deliver clear in & out phone calls through those speakers with such clarity.

There are quite lots of GPS Navigation Apps people use these days - Google Map or Apple Map is definitely one - but people want something more superior and lots of info.

Which, such as Waze, Sygic, TomTom, iGO and HERE apps are all compatible and usable.

But of course - Google Map - which already in as a default app is probably easiest, most accurate and most used GPS Map throughout the World for sure - which will require mobile hotspot from your phone (with barely minimal data consumption) and will bring out all those live traffic info on new display of your Merc.

There are tons of audio units like this purpose on internet, as mentioned in above.

But the question is, will it be full worth of it?, and the second question will be, will the installer keep the car undamaged during & after installation?

Us, Naviplus can assure you - being an ex-Mechanic from prestige motors like Mercedes Benz and Land Rover that we know what to do when it comes to premium vehicles, and can guarantee our products with proper warranty and assistance.

Feel free to contact us for more information / book in service.

Meanwhile, visit our portfolio for more information

Thank you for reading!


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