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Reasons to invest on Dash Cam for your vehicle

While most of vehicles these days finally coming out with Reversing Camera, or sometimes surround view camera, and can pretty much add camera to the car without stress,

It actually makes sense to have one in your car, either for recording interior, or what's happening on outside of the car.

We are certain that you can confirm We see so many acts of unbelievable stupidity or incredible moments on the road in daily basis, Doesn't it sometimes worth have a record of it for either your benefit / someone elses' or your Youtube channel's Subs?

That Commy doing burnouts in front of you within School zone area , that idiot driver who thinks he can be a next Stig on 50km zone, or a 1929 Mercedes Benz SSK that you can't even see it oin majority of Automotive museums - everything can be recorded and can be used for legal & right purpose.

Some of you may have seen compilation of Dash Cam videos or road rage etc videos on Youtube. Whilst those videos might be interesting or horrible, at the same time, think of the alternative outcome, if that situation happened on you, and not having any video evidence of it.

Not only there won't be any upload of that event on internet, but could be end up with stress and thousands of money out from the pocket.

Having said that, Dash Cam has been favored with the concept of it and slowly becoming a must have accessory for your car.

Which obviously focuses on the role of recording where the camera lens is facing, and some of those models will provide few more features to be exclusive / outstanding model and pricing.

Here are some opinion based reasons you should consider getting Dash cam for your vehicle, from the perspective of both automotive guy & Car owner.

1. First-hand proof of any accident / incident you involved.

Getting involved with car accident or any other incident is indeed stressful and terrifying experience, regardless of who's the faulty driver. And when everyone involved is spilling out their opinions of who's fault or who's not relevant - It's hard to straight up the point and prove the fact.

Which, with video recorded from the dash cam can be a no.1 evidence to clarify the fault / reason of the event, and not to mention it's strongest and most efficient proof you have for defending yourself against Insurance company and the other driver who will be probably blaming it on you.

It will definitely save time, stress and expenses if occurs.

2. Prevents Insurance fraud.

Getting involved in an accident with a pedestrian is always the worst experience & fear.

And there are tons of people who willing to reverse their car to car behind while on road, or jumps on incoming traffic , just to attempt receiving fat settlement from YOUR insurance with exchange of broken arms or bruises legs, with full blame of calling you a 'dangerous driver'.

And If you search for Dash Cam compilation on Internet, there are tons of videos people trying to scam / or save themselves from that attempt.

With Dash Cam installed and recording every incident, that scammer will not only get broken body but will have to pay for the any dent damage caused on your Car.

3. Sometimes, capture of unexpected or record of unique / interesting things on road.

Although Dash Cam has this reputation of 'accident-proof (which isn't 100% true as It's more of post-accident proof provider)', due to its ability of recording everything front / back of the camera.

It will eventually record great sights you've passed few days ago, exotic cars those you thought were lit or somewhere you've visited without knowing and feel like going back there.

Multipurpose will be the suitable term for this sort of attributes granted by Dash Cam.

Also, as the tech trend for Dash Cam is now they come with 1080p as standard, it could be a lot more easier & better than actually take your phone out and take a photo / video around the car.


Dash Cam is certainly the one of frequently sold accessories within Automotive market, and probably the most effective one consider that It doesn't take specific cars or countries, yet completely universal and can be fitted & used on any car & by anyone.

And with an expansion of market, there are tons of price / feature and design range available,

allowing consumers to compare more precisely and choose product they reckon it suits them.

The summarized opinions of worth getting Dash CAM will be:

- Clever proof for Accident / incident happened.

- It will eventually also help Insurance Company as they will have visual proof to proceed to settlement.

- Variety of price and features - you can choose something that suits you in both spec/ price.

- Easy to use and relatively easier than most of auto electrical accessories.

- Moved to another vehicle - as It's an universal, re-installation on completely different car isn't an issue.

- A sight of Dash Cam mounted inside of the car itself, will create less thievery targeting vehicles.

As also the part of Dash Cam users in Australia, not as in aspect of sales but for the peace in mind and benefit for less-stress after accident, we highly recommend and advise you to have a look into the Dash Cam.

As an authorized Retailer and Installer of Thinkware Australia, iROADHD Australia and Blackvue - We are always eager to hear your enquries regarding Dash Cam or simple quote.

Please proceed to our Dash Cam Portfolio < click to proceed.

Thank you For reading.


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