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You don't need to buy a new car just to get Android Auto - not anymore - (1)

Getting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your car, without purchasing a car that is compatible , is a lot more easier than you think.

And that, of course, doesn't require change of the audio / infotainment system from the car,

won't need to plug your phone / audio to anything, complete wireless and no need of mobile phone in the first place.

It may sound too good / not right as it shatters the idea of the CarPlay / Android Auto or any other sort of Mirroring, but It is true.

It's ideal for those people, who doesn't like the any idea of the Mirroring itself but just want to work it out without using the phone , we are talking about a whole Android OS Integration into the factory audio display.

Which was also uploaded on other social media of ours, and surely attracted lots of interests.

And now, as lots of vehicles from many manufacturers seem will come out with either CarPlay or android Auto or even both - lots of people may be in dilemma, to whether change your car to a brand new one, - not just for an audio upgrade but also for improvements on bits and pieces -

Or just spend some money to change audio system, into a CarPlay / Android auto equipped audio head units from Pioneer / Alpine / JVCKenwood etc.

Which, if you have basic audio headunit or ones without audio screen, definitely recommend this option for sure.

Which seemed to make some of our readers / subscribers concerned, that some of them contacted us, whilst complimenting our upcoming item, they wanted to know whether such system is possible to be fitted to vehicle other than Mercedes Benz, without any monitor nor audio swap for their vehicle.

Those enquiries somewhat contributed us to write these blogs, not to mention that new batch of the android system are coming in .

In our own opinion, that the fact instead of Mirror your phone, connect via cable / hotspot then use your phone to launch app etc may not be a pleasant thing to do every time you get on the car.

And when this is literally injecting a whole android OS to the existing audio system, it surely will save some time and stress.

Not to mention that It's designed and only operates via Touch screen, either using car's factory touch function, or adding just for the android OS.

It may sound like a straight Android Auto, as Android Auto is also aimed for bringing the Android operating system into your car.

But when it comes to the result, It's clearly a different story.

Android Auto brings and plays its feature on audio display via emulating the Android OS's connection the audio head unit as a multimedia gateway with same android feature, in other word - android auto enabled audio units will have full compatibility with displaying the same android OS, straight from the mobile phone.

Which will require certain android OS version & onward required (5.0) and also It will use USB connection between the audio and the mobile phone.

Whilst Naviplus's android Integration will bring and play its features on audio display via a mechanism of sharing display with Factory Audio computer.

Which means, that It will make the car audio display to recognize as that the android OS is an additional & separated OS that connected and have access to be displayed.

Having said that, as the system will recognize it as whole OS (which is), not through transfer via USB / other connection, - It won't use any sort of data transfer via any cable / wire connection.

In simple word: just because It's an Android OS, doesn't mean android device required to power it up, It's a standalone system that will be retrofitted, without any further connection with phone.

Also, there are few questions we've received from our previous customers who now wants to upgrade their product to android based :

- Just like other products of yours, this android OS won't change nor remove anything from the car?

= No It won't at all , It will use vehicle specific components to be retrofitted to the car, with retaining every single feature / function of the vehicle.

- If this system doesn't require connection between phone, nor anything to do with Mirroring, how am I going to launch a Google Map or other App that I've installed? or even download?

= The system indeed do not need any connection to operate, but if the mobile data consuming app needs to be launched - It supports WiFi that can be connected to your mobile phone's hotspot. - Consider these days most of mobile phone plans come with at least 5GB+ Data, and those apps won't consume much - you won't even need to worry about the bill.

- I noticed that the Android OS has Google Map, which any android does - is that the only Navigation App We can use?

= You can certainly download the app you've been using - iGO / Sygic / TomTom etc, and install it on the OS. It will have GPS aerial with it so won't have any problem running 3rd party GPS apps.

- I normally store my music files in USB stick and plug to the car - does the Android OS will grant any storage option / input like those?

= Surely do, It will come with 2 x USB ports available for file transfer / storage. Also supports SD Cards for certain APP / file usage too.

As mentioned above, the android OS Integration will not take away anything from the car, but only adding solid Android OS.

We've actually had to divide this posting to multiple threads - due to the testing is currently on-going with other vehicles in Australia, and surely will require for more spaces with all those videos and photos.

We will back with part 2, some testing results with Holden and Toyota vehicles.

Stay tuned, and safe driving!


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