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iROAD V9 Full 1080p HD Dash Record Cameras - Installed on Mazda 3 MPS & Honda Accord Euro CU2 Lu

Recently Naviplus Team has installed iROAD V9 Dash Cams - one of those best Dash Cams out there in the market.

Which recently has been revised into 'Series 2' with better performance and video record quality.

2 set - meaning both Front and Rear record cameras were installed on 2 vehicles:

2012 Mazda 3 MPS and Honda Accord Euro Luxury Navi model, also 2012 model.

Those belong to Kelvin and Jason - specifically requested for the supply & install of V9 16GB models.

iROAD V9 comes with smaller size compare to its predecessor, V7 - about 25% size & weight reduction. Which granting itself less visible from outside.

Although It's inevitable to have some wires visible, most of those wires will only visible by the actual connector part - rest will be hidden inside of car's dash - If installed by hard wire type directly to car's power.

iRoad V9 certainly grants the main purpose of dash cam - records every action / every minute and seconds of cars front & rear sights.

But also grants :

As we've previously used other Dash Cams for both our own vehicles and to our customers- compared to those V9 definitely impressed us - and so you can!

As Naviplus offers competitive price of the iROAD V9 Series 2 Dash Cam - with supply & installation, you will love and feel more safe about the fact that your car will have ultimate surveillance record system that is safe from battery drain, records both while driving and parked through work time / at night.

iROAD V9's specs and brief info can be found from Naviplus's website.

Thank you for Reading.


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