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BMW 5 Series - Wired MirrorLink Integrated into CIC iDrive - Strongest smartphone Integration out th

HD Smartphone Link Solution for BMW E60 with 8.8" CIC iDrive Display

For the BMW E60, that saved & withstood the BMW Company ever since 2003, we introduce our solution of HD Smartphone Integration, into the iDrive system of E60 directly. For the best performance and quality you can get.

Featured with Cortex A9 Dual Core CPU that grants fast and solid performance, and connected with intra Wifi granted by Screen Mirroring (android) and AirPlay (iOS).

Meaning that both android and iOS devices are compatible, without any App restriction like CarPlay does.

But the best part is, this all can be done without replacement of audio system - BMW's iDrive system.

As the Naviplus's Smartphone Integration system is designed to be retrofitted to an existing audio system of vehicle (pretty much most vehicles from most makers with color audio display), It's more of a built-in type APP that shares display with the Factory radio features.

Cut to the chase: Here are some reference but clear idea of how MirrorLink / AirPlay system via MiraPlus works.

As you can tell, the iDrive display of BMW will become a 'Projector' for your smartphone.

Having said that, every action / app you execute via phone, will be displayed on Audio display of the vehicle.

And for the sound streaming, It will be played via Car speakers, using AUX function and internal connection between MiraPlus system and Speakers.

For the main usage of the system, will be of course the GPS Navigation that grants real time traffic by mobile network - which Google Map or Apple Map grants as a default feature from smartphones.

Not to mention that other third party GPS app like TomTom ,Sygic, HERE and Garmin are compatible. - As long as It's installed in the mobile and fully working.

Also, multimedia streaming via apps - Whether It's music / video or something else that your phone can play.

Also whether It's via default media player / Spotify / Poweramp / WinAmp / Youtube etc, will play up without stress*

Again, all these, Naviplus's Smartphone MirrorLink / AirPlay - MiraPlus grants, without changing nor removal of any features / appearance inside of the car, not just BMW but every other vehicle from different makers.

Not to mention Naviplus Team been testing and fitting these in vehicles sold within Australia, granted flawless result.

As mentioned in very first title of this post, the MiraPlus comes with Wired connection, you may think It's not convenient, yet the wired connection is by far the best and most quality and performance granted option.

As It doesn't require additional launcher / App to be installed, It grants far more easier and superior yet simple connectivity to CarPlay / HondaLink / VWLink.

For last, we are leaving our intro video of MiraPlus, installed on BMW E60 530i with 8.8" iDrive display.

Thank you for reading and watching.

The particular system can be purchased from our online store.

Or email us for more information and progress of purchase.

Thank you.

Naviplus Team

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