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One thing that auto reviewers and the most new car shoppers can agree is that the It's been almost 3 and a half years since first sale of Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee in Australia and they've had huge success, thanks to their massive ad campaign and appeal of the vehicle with no longer lemon car, but a solid family SUV that can tow better than any other competitors.

Especially the Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee has escalated the brand Jeep to a whole new level.

Starting price of $47K (Laredo), which isn't that far away from Holden's Captiva, or Toyota's Kluger - those also have been 2 of favorite family SUVs of all time.

Yet got to thinking, lots of the Grand Cherokee owner's complain is regarding the car lacking GPS Navigation system, for a Jeep that costs easy $50K.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Uconnect 5 - 5" Touch infotainment Audio system

Having said that, the base model Laredo doesn't come with Chrysler / Jeep / Fiat's famous

Uconnect84 - that as name says, 8.4" Touch screen built-in Audio system, rather optional feature for Laredo trim.

Also, the GPS Navigation itself is a standalone optional accessories.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Overland, Summit and SRT8 do come with GPS Navigation system along with UConnect 8.4" Audio system as a standard feature.