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Naviplus Introduces a solid GPS Navigation Upgrade with latest Map & easy, economical Map update

One thing that auto reviewers and the most new car shoppers can agree is that the It's been almost 3 and a half years since first sale of Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee in Australia and they've had huge success, thanks to their massive ad campaign and appeal of the vehicle with no longer lemon car, but a solid family SUV that can tow better than any other competitors.

Especially the Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee has escalated the brand Jeep to a whole new level.

Starting price of $47K (Laredo), which isn't that far away from Holden's Captiva, or Toyota's Kluger - those also have been 2 of favorite family SUVs of all time.

Yet got to thinking, lots of the Grand Cherokee owner's complain is regarding the car lacking GPS Navigation system, for a Jeep that costs easy $50K.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Uconnect 5 - 5" Touch infotainment Audio system

Having said that, the base model Laredo doesn't come with Chrysler / Jeep / Fiat's famous

Uconnect84 - that as name says, 8.4" Touch screen built-in Audio system, rather optional feature for Laredo trim.

Also, the GPS Navigation itself is a standalone optional accessories.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Overland, Summit and SRT8 do come with GPS Navigation system along with UConnect 8.4" Audio system as a standard feature.

Whilst Laredo doesn't come with neither, and BlackHawk model do come with UConnect 8.4" yet the GPS is optional.

Not to mention that the GPS system from Jeep Australia - is currently outdated and will give you the answer of 'waiting reply from Map provider' when you enquire.

Whilst the customers are half-forced to purchase pricey upper model or absorb the pain and live on portable GPS / mobile GPS (not telling those sucks, they do the job for A to B at least.)

Some smart customers, knowing that the Warranty void scheme from dealership isn't always right, searching for an alternative.

If you have seen our other blog posts regarding our GPS system for Jeep's UConnect 8.4" Audio system Integrated GPS Navigation Upgrade (if not, click the link to browse it! ), and been wondering whether we also have a solution for those Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredos without UConenct 8.4" system but with UConnect 5" system -

then we'd say welcome, you are in the right place.

Us Naviplus introducing our solid GPS Navigation system upgrade for those Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Laredo with Uconnect 5 audio system, adding GPS Navigation into the 5" Display whilst everything of the car remains same, untouched.

The perk of the system will be :

First, It does not change nor remove anything from the car.

Surely the audio replacement to an aftermarket unit will grant far more features and performance. Yet sadly both Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokees are out of those options as they do not have proper dash facia to put generic double din aftermarket unit in.

Whilst the UConnect 5 system, still grants bluetooth function, solid FM / AM Radio, audio streaming from multiple sources - and adding GPS will complete the setup and you won't even need to look back on other trim models.

Second, It is reliable and more accurate than GPS System of UConnect 8.4

Obviously we can't compare it to the GPS system of UConnect 5 as It doesn't exist. Yet as mentioned above, even that expensive GPS system of the Uconnect 8.4 system, will not be somewhat 'Worth every single dollars'.

Consider It's poor performance with GPS Locale, screen locks while driving & the painful update procedure.

Whilst Naviplus's Jeep Grand Cherokee UConnect 5 Audio Integrated GPS system will grant far more superior performance, enhanced with user friendly design, fast calculation, easier update procedure and cost, but mostly - It's already cheaper and better option for Laredo, compare to purchasing higher trim.

And lastly, Third : The GPS Map is designed for the Australia, with frequent road updated and Map update will roll in.

The Navigation must have latest Map, - if you are only using your car for daily commute between Home - Work - sometimes Coles, then probably not really.

But well built family SUV like Jeep Grand Cherokee, will definitely be on road that leads to somewhere other than those, for family trip , just lone man / woman's road trip etc.

If UConnect 8.4" GPS Map is heavily relying on the Chrysler's Map update and data collection,

Naviplus's GPS Navigation system for Jeep Grand Cheokee - both UConnect 5" and 8.4" will be attributed by the constant and frequent update / data collection over road changes, collected by both Australian Government and councils.

Latest map, but also with smart and effective route calculation will aid through the entire road trip / driving in general.

The GPS system is not powered by mobile phone network like Google / Apple Map.

Hence Real time traffic info isn't really valid and will require bit more to achieve it.

However, to withstand that cons, Naviplus's Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Laredo UConnect 5 Audio Integrated GPS system will grant the GPS Map, that not only shows the route, but calculates the fastest route based on statistic / history and report from users and data base.

Which means that It will avoid the route, based on date and time to provide statistically fastest route in order for you to get to the destination without stuck in the traffic and brake after each 7 seconds of driving.

Not to mention that the GPS system will grant vast info regarding:

  • School Zone

  • Red light Camera, Speed Camera alert (sadly mobile camera by police isn't supported)

  • Tram / Train station crossway

  • Speed warning

  • Toll

  • Alternative routes / streets those leads you to the destination

  • Turn guidance

  • Voice guidance* (Premium maps support full voice guidance, whilst Basic preloaded ones will have essential voice guidance only)

  • POI (Point Of Interest) - local landmark, business, Petrol station, accommodation, restaurant and more.

And those options can be adjusted via driver to neglect unnecessary alerts or info, and above info will be available throughout Australia, entire states and areas those registered. Furthermore, as the system has dedicated GPS aerial to receive Satellite info , rather than rely on mobile data - It won't get you lost in rural area or somewhere that mobile network dies.

One of the most frequent questions we've been asked is that - whether the system makes change in either appearance or performance of Factory audio features of Jeep Grand Cherokee's UConenct 5 audio system.

The answer is NO, the Integration system is designed to be 'retrofitted' to the existing set up.

Having said that:

Such as Reverse Camera that comes with the vehicle will still show rear sight whenever the vehicle is reversing. Regardless of whether you were in GPS or in UConnect 5 Radio.

While we at topic, although the Naviplus's Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect 5 Integrated GPS Navigation system does not create nor comes with physical 'NAV' button, It still uses existing button of the vehicle - which is:

The 'VR' - Voice Recognition button on Steering wheel.

A single press will still function and will work exactly same on UConnect 5 Audio system of Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Yet once It's prolonged press for couple of seconds, It will switch the display mode into the GPS system of Naviplus - and whilst the UConnect 5 system will still be playing radio / bluetooth / audio in background and speakers, the GPS will be displayed and the voice guidance / any Navigation related sound will be played via its own dedicated speaker that is loud enough for you to understand.

And although the UConnect5 audio system of Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has small resolution (480 x 272), Naviplus's GPS system will still be calibrated and optimized in to the resolution and fully functional, via touching the screen without additional procedure to be done.

And whilst we forget : This system is also compatible with those Jeep Cherokee KL series, ideal for

Jeep Cherokee Sports and Jeep Cherokee Longitude models with same UConnect 5 Audio system.

There are still many people in search of New cars in Jeep category will still be satisfied with the way the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is - It's a well made SUV that Jeep should've made a long time ago -.

Yet If not, then It is high time to add solid and well made GPS Navigation system, the one can provide fastest and effective Route planning, latest GPS Map for Australia along with cheaper and easier Map update procedure.

And save you from the purchasing higher trim models if not needed.

Naviplus's Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo UConnect 5 Audio system Integrated GPS Navigation system is available for supplied and installed by Naviplus team.

Feel free to contact us for more details, or book your car in for a Upgrade.

Thank you for reading.

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