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Range Rover Evoque Pure / Pure Tech - Add a missing luxury puzzle with OEM GPS Navigation system.

Hello All.

Back in about this in 2015, We've installed our first OEM GPS Navigation system for LR & RR, on 2015 brand New Evoque Pure Tech model, that left the dealership 2 days ago.

It's almost a history for us yet we still do remember looking at the GPS system with the customer, both fascinated with the results.

Back then, we knew how to integrate a GPS system on Evoque, but wasn't OEM system.

And throughout the year, we've worked on so many LR and RR vehicles that:

The 22nd Range Rover Evoque 2014 Pure model, that visited Naviplus left under permission of the owner.

Once you turn the Navigation on, It will show 'Enter GPS' screen, which obviously you gotta press it. And it goes to Navigation straight away.

The map installed in this system is licensed iGO Primo 9, up to date one.

It calibrates into the screen without missing pixels / borders, and also no dead pixel occuring.

In fact, we reckon the aftermarket mappings are usually better than factory ones, esepcially those uses mobile data to operate, no mobile data required, easy to update, and a lot cheaper to gain & maintain.

The perk of this Navigation system is, as it's an OEM, It literally integrates itself to the audio, working as default program. Hence you can check your stereo volume, who called you on the phone or any alerts, while your navigation is on. Like this:

This is something that so called Integrated GPS systems for Evoque out there in aftermarket, can never do.

Not too sure with current brand new models, but back in 2015, in order to upgrade a GPS system for Evoque Pure Tech and Dynamic models, the official price for JDR Australia was $4,500.00.

Consider in order to upgrade Audi 3G from 3G MMi before purchasing was around $3200 (for Audi A5) It was seriously overpriced, and text book 'arms and legs' price.

Hence why the OEM system we had worth every cent for our customers, not to mention that the fact It was also compatible with Discovery 4 and Freelander II models did appealed to the customers real well.

Back then the price of the system by us, fitted was $1400.00 - which was $3,100.00 less than what dealership charge for a basically same system.

So We guess the price was the main factor.

And also, lots of Evoque models we worked on were mostly "Pure" trim, that wasn't available for GPS Upgrade, even in Dealership.

In fact, lots of our customers were asked to either up their budget to purchase Pure Tech or Prestige model, which was easily +7k upgrade.

Surely us Naviplus gained some reputation due to our flawless OEM GPS system for those vehicles that even JDR Australia refused to help :)

And back to now, in March 2016, there are whole new audio system came out with Rovers, yet as we aren't completely sure with our system's compatibility, we've been stopped updating product info of our system.

So we don't mislead you or anything.

Yet still, from 2013 to 2015 models are still compatible - for Discovery 4, Evoque and Freelander II.

If you have any of those, yet missing out GPS system and are looking for one, you've already read through regarding it.

The link to our online store can be viewed from here.

If there's any sort of questions or with to discuss further, we are all ears!

Thank you.



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