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Feature Comparison between BMW X1 Old vs New (1) - E84.

BMW X1 was introduced as Compact Crossover comes with either RWD or AWD.

It was originally aimed for young & small families, those not in need of big SUVs like X3 or X5.

Although the size may seem small and It actually is smaller than It's brothers (X3 / X5 / X6), It shares similar yet modified BMW X3 and BMW E91 3 Series wagon platforms, classified as Mid-sized SUV.

X1 is pretty significant model over BMW's line ups, as It was the very first SUV that offered RWD system - although was optional for sDrive28i trim.

Apart from anything else, It was all good yet with German vehicle's 'Typical' Feature marketing was the one that somewhat held back from BMW's expectation over targeted customers (young family / age of 25s+).

The car itself is a well made crossover, nothing compared to Audi Q3 that entered market later on, with notorious oil filer break prone, nor VW's Tiguan, which suffered in same problem from Feature marketing.

Yet compare to other models, even consider this was a base model, It was far less superior and questioned lots of customers that whether this car worth this much of $.

Interior of BMW X1 E84, 2010 Model.

Although Steering Wheel buttons were added on face Lift from 2010, still, the car did not come with iDrive systems - whereas back in 2010 lots of cars started coming out infotainment system. Whether it was from Europe, Asia or USA.

In order to have iDrive system in X1, the price was at least AUD $5500+, which was involved with either purchasing option, or upgrading it to upper trim.

Some dealerships or customers used their own source - which was relying on aftermarket products - as main concern for people was purely based on bluetooth and missing out GPS system.

Kenwood Double DIN GPS audio system installed on BMW X1, with facia.

Although this option definitely gave those features the car was missing, and not that bad design overall - There was one major cons.

For those BMW vehicles, not just x1 but most of vehicles those didn't come with iDrive system, inside of their dashboard doesn't grant much space for double din unit nor cables to be fitted.

Safe to say, manufacturer filled behind the console with bunch of unnecessary brackets and bunch of fillings - called 'Volks's Geometry' among audio installers.

Hence in order to achieve the result above, It requires lots of cutting and trimming within dashboard - which won't allow original audio system to be put back in without additional modification.

Us, Naviplus has experience similar problems back in when we've worked on BMW X1 for first time.

Yet too much time consuming and customer's fear were the big problems for us and we really didn't want that sort of job.

Hence we thought that since It's an aftermarket solution and requires replacement regardless, for GPS or bluetooth system for BMW E84 X1 Series without iDrive system -

It didn't really have to be replacing audio system, why not replace the storage compartment over AC vents?

Frankly speaking we weren't the only one who thought of it, obviously there are lots of manufacturers and big companies working with masterminds to provide solutions.

Yet in end of the day, quality and performance are the key criteria for aftermarket products.

There are lots of products those involves with replacing audio system and storage compartment, but question is that whether that system lasts?

Us, Naviplus's solution isn't really differ to others, It repalces storage compartment to Color audio display with touch function, whilst giving iDrive - like UI.

And also comes with dedicated iDrive controller that plugs into the gap on gearbox dash (mainly used for phone / coin holder), to allow driver to control the screen via both touch and dial.

But the best part of our system is that It doesn't actually change main audio unit.

The actual audio head unit remains same, without replaced to something else nor stops function. It is due to our X1 Monitor has built-in functions and small module box that grants features and connections between new monitor and existing audio system.

Allow the steering wheel control to be compatible with both audio unit and new monitor, and plays Radio / GPS via Factory fitted speakers, utilizing car's factory radio transmitter.

Of course, due to the audio unit doesn't get replaced, the system will have relatively less features compare to other aftermarket products.

Yet the core features - Touch Screen, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth hands free and Audio streaming, Reverse camera compatibility and also Multimedia playback via using USB / SD Card storage - as It doesn't come with new CD / DVD reader.

Now having said that, It might sounds like that this system is less equipped, in fact it is.

However, that's the biggest strength this system has - performance and stability will be far more greater than its competitors as It doesn't involve with replacing audio head unit.

Instead of using those features that requires certain optional modules - eg.: Digital Tv/ Internet etc - which makes the system 'heavy' for car to run.

Naviplus's compact but solid GPS / Bluetooth / Multimedia player monitor that doesn't change nor remove audio system will surely have longer life span and performance

Touch screen GPS / Bluetooth / Multimedia Player Monitor system for BMW E84 1 Series from 2009 to 2014 is currently available in NaviPlus.

Feel free to contact us for more info or arrange a purchase / installation!

Thank you for reading.

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