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Installation Report #2016 : GPS and Rear Camera for VW Golf Mk7's 5.8" Composition Media

It's a good way to start a year, by working on Volkswagen Golf Mk7.

Our customer, Ryan has been enquired about solution for base model 90 TSI Golf, as It does not come with Sensors, camera nor GPS Navigation system while dealership charges leg and arms.

Although since Mk7, Golf now comes with Touch infotainment system as a standard feature -Where as Mk5 and Mk6 always had those as an optional feature (RCD / RNS 510) -

It still lacks in terms of features.

Consider not that many numbers of Golf with Discover Pro Audio system (7" Touch Screen GPS Navigation & Digital Radio built-in system) 5.8" Composition Media system was the main option for customers.

As Ryan was more up to proper Rear protection, along with GPS system that can say good bye to mobile phone Navigation, our business came up on his search and we had primary contact of quotation back in mid Dec, 2015.

And as the car came in on 14th of January - and left our workshop on next day - due to there's been delay with parts arrival -, here are some photos after installation.

NaviPlus FIG's multimedia Interface - GPS, Music and DVD Player in one.

This whole interface is pretty much built for those older models of prestige vehicles, those did have color audio display yet missing out lots of features such as GPS, Camera, Bluetooth etc.

If the car has touch screen, it utilizes it, if not, overlaying touch panel oevr existing screen will grant control right above display.

A Navigation system, powered by NNG's iGO 9 - will grant you fast and reliable route calculation.

The launcher / trigger if you must call it - is a 'Mute' button on steering wheel.

Upon prolonged press of 1 second - It will switch display mode between Composition Media Radio and GPS Navigation .

Whilst sound from Radio / Mp3 / Bluetooth will be played behind GPS - once you press Mute button again to 'unmute' the sound.

After all, It's an Integrated system that shares display only.

The another perk of getting Naviplus's FIG system is that It also grants Rear Camera compatibility, with dynamic parking guidelines that follows steering wheel's direction.

You may think it's not really a big deal, but if you actually get to use it, you will think differ :)

Also, a change was made on the day - as they wanted something more genuine system - which we had in stock - the OEM Badge Flip camera designed for Mk7 Golf.

Featured with built-in motor to flips hidden camera when reversing, when driving & parked = operates like standard trank handle.

The whole system doesn't involve with replacing features nor appearance, but only adds extra GPS and Rear sight features, displayed on Golf's Audio display.

If you are interested in this system for your Golf or similar system for your vehicle other than Golf, feel free to contact us and ask for a solution and quote.

Thank you for reading.


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