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Audi A1 - Something Big and Better Tech accessory for Audi's baby brother

Hello, this is Naviplus :)

The very 1st Audi we've done in 2016 was an Audi A1 2012 model - was booked in for GPS and Rear Camera Installation for almost 3 months.

Audi A1 comes with 6.5" vertical pop up audio screen as a standard, It's pretty 'standard sized display' yet has low resolution (480 x 234), not that great backlite and mostable - missing of Touch function, same story as Audi A3 as we've outlined in previous post.

Consider amount of the money you need to pay to Audi dealership in order to make it come with 7" Audio display and have GPS system is somewhat almost 10% of the total price of the car, yet still no touch fucntion (which is trend in audio market) Lots of audi owners are looking for something cheaper, bigger and better wiht touch system.

To respond to those needs, here we are, proudly reporting our installation of HD resolution touch GPS system - featured with 800 x 480p HD Resolution and grants touch function whilst in GPS & Multimedia mode.

In fact, Our system is compatible with both A1 and A3 vehicles, hence please don't get confused as we will reuse those photos from installation on A3 in this post.

The main perk of this system is not just bigger size, but a Touch screen GPS system.

Right now in 2016, among every single Audi vehicles has ever produced / going to be produce do not have Touch screen on their AMI Display.

Also, running GPS via SD Card has huge merit compare to DVD / HDD type GPS - easier to access to Map files for update / repair purpose.

The size difference between 6.5" and 7" is barely noticable. as It's few mm off between 2.

Yet the resolution will show it has definitely increased - without giving any stretched or pixelation look.

Also, another strength of Our system is that It does not change nor remove anything from the vehicle, every single MMi / AMi features will remain same and all those buttons and controls will work as It should be.

NAV buttion will trigger GPS system that has installed along with new monitor - safe to say it works like genuine system.

Beauty of it is that as mentioned, It's:

  • Touch functional.

  • Calibrates in to the display without showing gap / dead pixels

  • Actually does grant better designed Map than Audi's Factory ones.

Not to mention It will grant dynamic parking guidelines, just like those Audi vehicles with Factory rear camera fitted - although in differen design.

Some peoplee do not find needs of Rear camera and depends on sensor only - which is fair enough, and as Audi A1 is small sized hatchback, parking will be a lot easier.

Yet still, It never hurts to have more safety, doesn't it? :)

As for Audi It seems that Touch Screen , GPS Navigation and Rear Camera will be still 'unavailable / not standard' for next few years.

If those features we've just mentioned are something you are after, whether for brand new Audi A5 or 2006 Audi Q7, please do remember that us, Naviplus will always have such solution and service available to provide.

Thank you for reading.


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