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[Part 1/2]Is it necessary to have a Front Camera? or still an optional feature?

Hi everyone.

As you all know, Reverse camera has became almost a standard feature for most of vehicles, and by 2017 all cars will come out with Reverse camera for sure, according to Automotive news.

which is a good news, really. More safety is never been bad thing to have.

Yet for the Front camera, there are still debates.

Whether It should become a standard feature, or It shouldn't because of 'Skill of Driver' issue.

To be fair, It is never bad thing to have it as a standard feature, why would someone disagree with such feature to be included to their vehicle?

Not to mention that Front Camera feature isn't common even among those luxury European vehicles.

Front camera system installed on Ford Explorer

If you haven't driven a vehicle with Factory Front Camera, you might curious about how the system works, obviously rear camera will be related to the Reverse Gear. Whereas Front camera doesn't really have trigger to make it displayed.

AUDI A7's Factory fitted 360' angle cameras, including Front view.

For Audi in example, the front camera will be activated only upon putting car to park / drive after reverse.

Which means that once car was on reverse, showing rear sight and switched to Park / Drive gear - It will display front sight for either 5 seconds, or until car reaches above 20km/h.

Having said that, It doesn't really allow driver to see the front sight constantly, only under gear switch.

If you were doing front-parking, whilst the car in front of you has a low towbar - which sensors can't really detect due to its small size, a front camera that can't be seen untill you swith reverse than back to front won't be that effective.

Especially in situation when rear parking isn't really recommened.

That desire of showing Front sight constantly is definitely available on the market, there are tons of systems available, whether it's via external monitor or that gets integrated into audio display.

Yet the biggest downside of the standard front camera is that, It has fixed angle.

Which means that as It's showing straight line (normally), the distance can't really be measured and have to rely on the sensors.

Normally, most of standard cameras have same angles, regardless of Front / Rear / Side cameras. - which is around 145 - 160' viewangle.

There are still cameras above 160' viewangle available, yet the price difference becomes significant.

Having said that, front camera with average fixed view angles will be only half benefitial as the Front camera is meant to be.

Consider the front camera is an optional feature already, why not make the option bit more 'worth it' if the expense is going to be occurred anyway?

If you agree / partially agree - introducing our newest Front Camera system, featured with 191' view angle and built-in feature that grants sights of Front / Sides and top, all in front of your car.

Naviplus's EIEVIEW MC5 Front Camera with 3 different view point feature.

Designed for the Front camera that gets installed behind the number plate with its own bracket.

It saves car from making holes in order to fit the camera and cables.

It sounds like just camera with different installation method, but it's not.

Viewmode #2: Top view

Viewmode #3: Sides View

The perk of this camera is that not just granting front sight, but also grants Top front view and also allows drivers to check incoming traffic from sides, via its 191' viewangle and rotating lense.

But what is the point if the car is still required to gear switched between Reverse and Drive / Park?

For that matter, and also in benefit of viewmode switch function, the camera system comes with external toggle switches, that allows viewmodes to be displayed by each click.

Also comes with On / Off switch. So pretty much you are not required to switch gears, but one simple tap of button will display Front sight constantly untill you decided to turn it off.

The buttons can be installed anywhere, under driver's preference.

Surely this isn't the Factory accessories, yet consider this type of features are still new and exclusive in the market - yet doesn't care what sort of vehicle it gets installed, regardless of brand of year - We dare say this is the ultimate solution for your Front Camera desire.

Although this camera can not be operated & installed by itself to a vehicle - wihch requires special decoding video module (Click to see what this module actually does) to be installed

along with camera in order to integrate Front sight to the audio display the car already has.

It might sound bit risky and too technical, in fact, it's not.

This is the system that most of audio technicians can handle, whilst the system does not interfere nor removes anything from car, our slogan for our products - "A System that it's like adding an application to your phone".

As we said, Front camera is still an optional feature for certain vehicles, yet just because It wasn't outlined on car's manual / brochue when you were signing your contract with dealership, doesn't mean your car will not be able to have a front camera.

Click here to find out more details & to purchase, and if you have any sort of questions, please do let us know via comment on this blog / Facebook / Youtube or our website email!

From part 2, we will be back with actual test video footage and also installation photos, as we are planning out to test the camera system in near future.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading.


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