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Smartphone on BMW - MirrorLink system for New F Lineup Beemers

It's been a while since we've uploaded our post regarding MirrorLink system.

As we've mentioned in that post, a MirrorLink we have in Naviplus workshop isn't somewhat people are

familiar with - It's rather a 'proper MirrorLink' that somehow can be at edge of getting banned or not.

Although Australia's law doesn't seem to care much about this MirrorLink system, we've been paying extra care with news and response from authorities.

Of course, we've been also doing a long term test for MirrorLink system, on multiple vehicles, multiple mobile phones in each different locations.

After almost 5 months of testing and waiting for feedback & results, we thought It was about time to commence the sales of our system.

One of our previous customer who had our Navigation & Camera system fitted to his BMW 118i, 2013 model - was genuinely interested with MirrorLink system from first day we've told him about such thing exists.

And when we've called him up for whether he is still up for one, he swiftly replied and brought his car to us a day after.

The good thing was that, as our MirrorLink system requires an interface system that allows system to share the audio display with aftermarket products, his 118i already had an interface fitted, for Reverse Camera and Navigation system, hence the job was simple and installtation finished less than 30 mins.

Google Navigation running on phone & displayed on Audio display

The main reason of its need among people is because of Google Map Navigation system.

Google Map Navigation grants something that most of navigation system in world doesn't.

The Real Time Traffic Assistance & road calculation, and the fact that reliablity and accuracy of Google Map resulted people to purchase phone deck and stick it on their cars windscreen, regardless of its retarded appearance.

Although this vehicle already has Navigation system powered by iGO Primo, one of the best Mappings, It won't hurt to have an alternative solution in case GPS Navigation stops working - believe me, It does worth getting one.

Of coruse, this kind of feature is granted in Car Play and those factory MirrorLink systems from Honda / Volkswagen etc.

But the ability to display every action and apps you run on phone, on Audio display allows to

Use the display as an external display for Youtube video player.

To be honest, DVD Player on car isn't a feature that gets to used frequently, unlike Roof / Headrest DVD Players.

It's sort of of the feature that It will be good to have, but not required to have one.

Yet at the same time, It's not the system that car usually have and you reckon you will need at some point.

Frankly speaking, MirrorLink is more of a system that suits to European vehicles like BMW , Audi , Mercedes and other prestige - those had color audio display system from ealry 2000s.

Having said that, with an example of both Audi A6 2005 model and BMW 5 Series 2005 - they can't possibly have newest Navigation system nor new features the manufacturer currently offer to their brand new line ups.

That's where MirrorLink system shines, not just navigation, but phone's media player & car's audio display and sound system can make something 'happen'.

Doesn't matter if the car's display quality isn't good enough or sound system isn't the best out there.

Remember, your phone can outperform most of the Car audio systems in the world and dealership nor manufacturer didn't have that kind of system back when car was released.

Instead of buying a charger, phone deck and other acceessories, why not go for something proper and worth talking about?

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