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Wireless Android auto - VF Commodore

We've been offering the Wireless CarPlay for most of our products, and also made some ads / videos of it everytime after the installation is done.

Whilst for the Android Auto, the wireless was available but we did not added it to our product, due to that:

- Wasn't really stable back then.

- Delivery of Android 11 for Australia, from Google was delayed.

But now it is fully tested and with recent roll out of Android 11 for most of Android devices made in last 2~3 years:

And In fact we've tested it with our own, hopefully we will be able to test with the upcoming devices like S21 and new Pixel one.

Anyway, We have been actually offering Wireless Android Auto since start of the year, the mid term test was in fact finalized back in last November, lockdown surely gave us hard time but also enough time to focus on those projects we had.

VF Commodore models are somewhat one of those vehicles we frequently work on - probably at least 2 per week.

Most of our customers, so far have been using iPhone thus CarPlay, and when there are so much higher rate of needs for CarPlay over Android Auto, we must admit that we often advertise the CarPlay more heavily then the Android auto of ours, both are supported by our product anyway though.

So with the Android Auto, it actually does have a selection menu within the Setting of the phone, once it's enabled, with a bluetooth connection (between the phone and OUR device, not the cars) .

Once bluetooth connection is established, then It will pair the phone with a WiFi (again, the devices' one), which will enable the wireless Android Auto, to ensure the connection is more solid than just using a bluetooth only.

Those steering wheel controls will continue to work when you are in the Android Auto mode - which needs a SWC adapter to be installed along with the CarPlay / Android auto device - .

Below video is the brief guide of how it works once it's installed in VF Commodore's MyLink.

Link to the product:

VF Commodore Series 1

VF Commodore Series 2


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