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Mercedes Benz W222 S500 - CarPlay & Android Auto Integration done

We've had a chance to work on this W222 S500 last week, for a CarPlay & Android Auto Integration thus wanted to share some info and address FAQs We've been receiving.


Compatibility Checkup

W222 S-Class has what we called NTG5 COMAND, NTG5*2 more precisely. It's an infotainment setup designed for

W205 C-Class / C253 & X253 GLC-Class, W470 X-Class and W222 S-Class.

Obviously for the S-Class, It has a larger display compared to other models - 12" display and It was the largest display Merc had for Its vehicles, till replaced by NTG6 MBUX infotainment back in 2019.

The COMAND audio can be found from any high trim models from each Classes (e.g: 300 / 350 and above trim)

And high end class models like CLS / GLS and S-Class do have it as a standard, regardless of which trim model It is.


SOUND Integration

In order for our products to work within the original infotainment setup, we need to secure an 'External Audio source'.

Generally, that's indicating an 'AUX' input, which our product also has an AUX ouput, to transfer the sound generated within CarPlay / Android auto.

Which means that if the car does not have AUX input, then we will need to use an adapter or retrofit the AUX.

Sad thing about NTG5 is that MB removed the AUX, not a single passenger Mercedes made after 2015, has an AUX apart from the early MY15 A and CLA class.

But for NTG5.2, not sure why but the audio seems was under the plan of having the AUX input - which can be activated via OBD activation - and we tend to provide It with free of charge for those vehicles visiting our workshop for an installation.

Be advised that the AUX activation, is only available for NTG5.2 COMAND , It can't be done for those with Audio20.


Control - which button works and which won't?

Most of our products, designed for Mercs use the original control pad when you are in CarPlay or Android Auto.

Which means just like any other CarPlay / Android Auto, you won't need to touch your phone nor rely on other controller.

It uses the dial knob and buttons surroudning It. And the CarPlay / Android auto itself only requires simple dial / press (select) functions anyway.

Also, the most important button - to bring up the CarPlay / Android Auto on the screen is the MEDIA button.

Pressing the Media button only once, will direct you to the Media screen (The image used in the AUX section above).

But when you press and hold it for a couple of seconds, the screen will switch - like how you switch channels with the TV.

Those rest of buttons will not function within CarPlay / Andorid Auto, as those will only work when you are in the native COMAND audio mode.

For the steering wheel controls, volume controls will still work, as It's controlled by the AUX and COMAND audio.

And still uses the phone Answer / Hang up - as the phone will be paired to the original bluetooth, and still will work even if the phone isn't paired to the native MB bluetooth.

Whereas for the voice command buttons, W222 has 2 voice command buttons, one for ON and the other for OFF.

Voice command ON button will trigger not just siri / Google Assistant but also the native voice command function in the background as well, which will result 2 different voicecom trying to executre the command.

Hence our product uses the Voice command OFF button to trgger siri / Google Assistant, and of course It will respond to the verbal command saying "Hey siri / Google".


Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay will show 5 icons per row - as expected for large display like W222s 12" COMAND screen.

Supports full nightmode. (when headlight is on the CarPlay goes to a dark mode)

Android Auto

Android Auto will work slightly different to CarPlay - as you can see the screen is divided into 3 screens. and requires shifting the dial knob L & R or UP & Down to access each section.

The BLUE section is for task bar - Allows you to go back to the home menu interface of Android Auto, and you can also command background app like music / Digital radio etc.

The Yellow section is the main screen - shows you the current app you are using, can be any apps really.

Finally the Purple section is for the background app - if supports split view that is.

Generally the Google Map / Spotify / YT Music etc will be running there if the main screen is running something else.

e.g From the screen above, if you decide to bring the Google Map to the main screen, then the last used app will go to the purple section where Google Map was before brought up to the main screen.


Compatibility with the 360' Camera.

Not just W222 most of Mercs these days come with a 360' cam - which will continue to work after our CarPlay / Android auto is installed.

They will show up whenever the reverse gear engages, then goes back to the previous screen once start driving / parked. So you don't need to go back to the COMAND screen just to see the cam.


Additional info

Probably a visula info will speak better than the still photos and the text.

Above product is available from the link below:

Thank you for reading.


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