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Installation gallery from November - bit of this and bit of that

Over the last few weeks after the lockdown in Melbourne & Vic was finally over, We've been supplying & installing our products for local customers.

Whilst we tend to upload videos of 'After the installation' of each vehicle - here are couple of vehicles those we didn't end up making a video.

Mercedes Benz W221 S-Class S350, 2010

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration, for NTG4 COMAND system of S-Class W221.

S-Class was and always will be known as a flagship model of Mercedes Benz, hence every S-Class tended to have the top of the range tech and features throughout its generations.

Just like the odometer and screen dash, those are in 2 pieces with protection glass and display protector cover.

Meaning that replacing the screen is not practical and will result losing certain functions.

Hence in this case, not just us, but most of auto electricians would prefer using integration parts those utilizes the original 8" HD display.

The config of CarPlay / Android auto will be executed via the control dial knob and buttons surrounding it.

NISSAN 370Z 2013 - Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration

Nissan 370Z - which uses somewhat same audio as Nissan Skyline 370GT - is one of those vehicles that we receive frequent enquries from customers.

370Z models had 2 different audio infotainment systems throughout their series - one uses RGB Interface ( first gen of 370 till around 2011) and the rest started using GVIF Monitor.

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

The configuration of CarPlay / Android Auto will be done through touchscreen.

With the 370Z, some models came with full touch screen, some were only usable within Sat Nav, and some didn't have touchscreen at all - For the last case, It often has a touch panel but not connected to anywhere- .

Which in this case, the touchscreen wasn't installed in the vehicle at all, hence we've used our own touch panel to overlay on top of the display. So the touchscreen will only work when the audio is on CarPlay / Android Auto mode, but when in NAV / native radio, it will require using the dial pad and buttons below the screen.

FORD F-150 Raptor Sync III - Sat Nav *Aus Map* Integration

Now, the F150 isn't something we encounter regularly - since this truck isn't being sold outside of USA,

so yes, this car is an imported one, via Amercian Vehicle Sales

As soon as the RHD conversion was done the vehicle came to us for a Sat Nav Integration into Its Sync III Audio.

Due to -

Not having any AUS / overseas Map available for Its Sat Nav - which is understandable as this vehicle wasn't targeted for oversea markets.

Although the car has Apple CarPlay / Android Auto already, quite lots of F150 owners we've talked to prefer built in Sat Nav, possibly with Offroad maps like HEMA / OziExplorer, as they often go out remote area with poor internet / data coverage.

The Navigation software we used is called iGO Primo, by NNG, with the latest mapping for entire Australia.

The Navigation can be accessed by press and holding the ◀ button on the steering wheel, and can also be used to go back to the native Sync III screen.

Those top 2 products are all available in our online store , and Sat Nav for Ford Sync III will be updated along with additional accessories as a bundle.

Which is available from the link below:

Thank you for reading.


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