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2020 Ford F250 *Imported* Sat Nav Integration with Australian Maps

It's been a while us Australians are receiving imported vehicles from overseas - mainly people think of those JDM cars from Nissan / Toyota / Mitsubishi etc.

And with bit more premium - as they never had RHD variant - sometimes that extends to cars from Chevrolet / Dodge / Cadillac and Ford.

Ford F150 / 250 and 350 Truck are somewhat considered as top tier vehicles among those - no jokes, these trucks are massive and strong and now we see quite lot of those on the road, not to mention the price tag on those are around $180k - surely the 2nd most expensive Ford you can get here in Australia, following the legendary Ford GT.

As you may know those cars do not have Australian maps, of course It is due to the fact that these trucks are never designed for overseas market - lots of countries in Asia and Europe have a regulation, and Aus / NZ only accept RHD vehicles.

Since Australia doesn't really have the strong restriction like EU - kinda makes sense why we do see these big trucks on the street.

As We've covered the similar vehicle - F150- in the past, via our Youtube channel:

None of these trucks, whether It's a Raptors / Dodge RAM or Chevy Silverado etc, will ever come with an Australian Map.

They do have the CarPlay / Android auto built in and those will still work great in Australia and honestly we rate them over standard sat nav.

Yet majority of these truck owners use their beloved car for trips / offroad, and lots of bush area / offroad sights are not really covered by mobile data network at the moment, so It perfectly makes sense why people are chasing for Sat Nav Integration with Aus Map, possibly bundled with an offroad NAV like OziExplorer or HEMA.

This F250 again, was sent by the American Vehicle Sales, one of the best car importer & conversion agency in Australia to fit the Sat Nav before it gets other mods done and registered.

And here are some photos from after the installation.

Note - there's a screen protector film on it and we did not want to remove it as It came as it is with the vehicle.

That's the Sync III interface you are looking at - current model Mustangs and Rangers have the same infotainment setup.

In order to bring up Sat Nav to the screen, simply press and hold the Left Arrow button on the steering wheel - which is also demonstrated in the video above .

The Navigation map we used here is called iGO Primo - there are few local distributors of this mapping by NNG here in Australia, and we are one of their resellers.

The map is currently sitting on 2020Q3 which was updated back in last Sep / Oct 2020, and supports every street map of all 7 states including ACT and TAS.

The whole installation process does not change nor remove anything from the vehicle.

We don't even cut any single wire, as nowadays most of cables / patch harnesses come in connector type, not loose / opened wires.

Having said that , those Car info / pressure / service info etc will still operate as they should, without any error code nor alerts whatsoever.

This particular product is available for purchase in our online store -

It says F150 but definitely compatible with F250 and F350, with Sync III Audio.

Thanks to AVS Team for their trust and business also, and we thank you for reading this post.


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