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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration - Toyota Crown Majesta S200

It's a Toyota Crown - probably one of those most iconic JDM cars from Toyota along with Supra, Chaser, Cresta and AE86 etc.

Not that We know much about JDM Toyota models, but It's somewhat a common sense to know that the those JDM cars still used those parts shared with other Toyota models - Aus delievered ones.

So We were quite confident that our products will still work on these Crown models (S200), and at the same time we were expecting It to be not exactly the same as installing it on AUS delievered Lexus IS / GS model.

The headunit that was used in Lexus - Denso x Mark Levinson, is somewhat a same headunit used by both Lexus and Toyota from 08 - 12. And you will be able to use ones headunit to the other - of course It won't fit but still.

So the installation was rather smooth:

The product of ours, obviously doesn't do anything for in terms of the language - as mentioned in our video and different posts, they use a separate platform that doesn't have ENG language in the first place. And We aren't aware of It was successfully converted in the past - whilst We do know there was an attempt of swapping the unit from Hong Kong delivered model though.

You will notice the display is currently showing the DTV - Digital TV in above photo.

The way of those headunis in Crown works is, that in order to play sound It requires an external audio input, such as AUX or Audio media Interface, which neither of those are available in Crown.

But certain Crown 200 models do have either RCA Inputs, or connector to install one, using what they call a 'VTR Cable'.

This is the VTR Cable - 12 pin harness to 3RCA input.

Generally most of Toyota headunits from 06 - 12 has this port available behind headunit.

Of course not every single vehicles use this port though - some uses a different port or inputs are already embedded into a main harness.

So this is just a reference photo , This may / may not suit your car, just giving you an idea that the such cable exists.

The only problem We had back then was, We didn't have this cable nor the client had any from his end.

Which in this case we normally either bypass the CD Player or the TV output, since not many uses CD Player and DTV doesn't work within Australia.

So unfortunately in this case We had to let the customer sort It out from his end. Which he wouldn't have any issue with opening the dash as the client also works in a same automotive field as us.


Our product comes with above components, You may find it similar to other solutions avilable, like Grom's VLine.

In fact these are somewhat most 'standard' components to be used in a car when integrating an aftermarket feature, video interface to integrate image, actual CarPlay / Android Auto mini computer and associated looms for those , It's pretty much a plug and play setup thus you wouldn't need to cut nor solder wires.

With the overall configuration of the unit - It uses one of the steering wheel controls to trigger the CarPlay / Android Auto to be displayed on the screen. Press and holding the HANG UP button will switch display mode between the native audio and ACP / AAT, and It won't affect the native setting of the button, It will still hang up any phone calls when gets pressed.

Those volume / track controls will still work also. This isn't just a simple wire connection though, It involves with a programming, using the signal those buttons send when pressed, bypass it and decode It to apply on our product.

Not exactly the same method as those SWC adpaters you use when replacing the audio headunit though.

The only button we can't use is the voice command button. In most cases those voice command button is assigned to a separate module of headunit, that doesn't work for audio / radio etc.

Bypassing will work however in most of cases It will also trigger the original VoiceCOM along with Siri / Google Assistant at the same time, so not really practical.


Our product offers both CarPlay and the Android auto, compatible with almost every devices, with a latest OS.

Whilst the iPhone with an outdated iOS will still work - although may affect the overall performance and functions in CarPlay - The Android seems to work on certain moible phones / makers only.

For example, Samsung / LG / Pixel and Blackberry seems to work fine with wired / wireless Android Auto.

Whilst those phones from China - Huawei (They are parting out from Android anyway), Xiaomi and those budget phones like Oppo / OnePlus seems to have some issues withi an wireless Android Auto - whilst Wired usually seems to work If they have certain version of their own OS. Not saying those phones are bad but may not be the best phone to be used for our system or others in general, as our product uses the genuinee chipset of Android Auto approved by the Google.

The pairing / connection generally works through an USB connection - which we install a standalone USB port for that purpose.

And for a wireless connection, as you may all know they use bluetooth and Wifi. We have a dedicated device that does wireless - It has Its own bluetooth and Wifi built in, the phone connects with the bluetooth first, and once the connection establishes, It turns off Itself and switches to Wifi automatically, leaving the phone still paired to the original bluetooth of Crown thus any in / outbound calls will still use the native bluetooth and the mic.

Now this is something that only our product offers at the moment among any other aftermarket products....We reckon.

The 'Night mode' literally means the map goes to dull image and changes the image UI to rather suit night, eliminating any white / bright interface.

With the CarPlay, It's automatic, not sure exactly how It works, but It will kick in whenever the night approaches or the headlight is on.

Whereas for the Android Auto, with most of aftermarket solutions out there, It has stopped working after Android 10 patch. Apparently It's been designed to work through the headlight / screen display of the infotainment unit, which will work just fine If It came from the factory as It would've been prorgrammed to communicate.

But for an aftermarket products, they don't have that programming part - quite impossible to implement via programming as far as we know -. So you will end up having the daymode of Android auto showing up all day.

With our product, We have implemented to receive a headlight signal also, allowing our product to switch to nightmode whenever the headlight is on - and in fact It's avialble for some of other products we offer -. Which this also isn't in a form of additional harness or cable loom, but a programming implemented to our wireless device.

This product of ours - as mentioned We've used the Lexus product - is currently available for Lexus models only.

As there aren't that many Crowns available in Australia and this Majesta 206 is literally the 2nd Crown We've worked on.

For any other info / enquiries, please contact us via below details:


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