Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration - Toyota Crown Majesta S200

It's a Toyota Crown - probably one of those most iconic JDM cars from Toyota along with Supra, Chaser, Cresta and AE86 etc.

Not that We know much about JDM Toyota models, but It's somewhat a common sense to know that the those JDM cars still used those parts shared with other Toyota models - Aus delievered ones.

So We were quite confident that our products will still work on these Crown models (S200), and at the same time we were expecting It to be not exactly the same as installing it on AUS delievered Lexus IS / GS model.

In fact We've used the kit designed for Lexus IS XE20:

The headunit that was used in Lexus - Denso x Mark Levinson, is somewhat a same headunit used by both Lexus and Toyota from 08 - 12. And you will be able to use ones headunit to the other - of course It won't fit but still.

So the installation was rather smooth: