BMW iDrive iD5 / iD6 - CarPlay activation / Full screen update service

We are pleased to announce that we now extend our servicing for BMWs, with activation of Apple CarPlay, along with 'Full screen' mode and AUX retrofit.

Applies to most of BMWs with iDrive NBT EVO5 and EVO6, from 2016/17 to onwards.

For EVO5, We can offer below services:

- Activation of Apple CarPlay

- Activation of 'Full screen' CarPlay.

- Android Auto Integration (Not an Activation)

Whilst for EVO6, We can offer :

- Activation of Full screen CarPlay (Assuming the car has one already)

- Activation of AUX input ( if the car does not have 3.5mm input)

- Android Auto Integration (NOT an activation either)