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BMW iDrive iD5 / iD6 - CarPlay activation / Full screen update service

We are pleased to announce that we now extend our servicing for BMWs, with activation of Apple CarPlay, along with 'Full screen' mode and AUX retrofit.

Applies to most of BMWs with iDrive NBT EVO5 and EVO6, from 2016/17 to onwards.

For EVO5, We can offer below services:

- Activation of Apple CarPlay

- Activation of 'Full screen' CarPlay.

- Android Auto Integration (Not an Activation)

Whilst for EVO6, We can offer :

- Activation of Full screen CarPlay (Assuming the car has one already)

- Activation of AUX input ( if the car does not have 3.5mm input)

- Android Auto Integration (NOT an activation either)

When we say the full screen CarPlay - some of Bimmer owners may know -

It's referring to the CarPlay in iD5 / 6 and current iDrive models having a dual view


Which shares with the native iDrive's car / other background info.

Some people do not mind at all, but some others - especially who also used the CarPlay in a different vehicle - do not like the idea of having unnecessary function taking space within the display.

Here is the outcome of the full screen activation - Installed on BMW F34.

The CarPlay will show up with the full screen, excluding any native iDrive function to be displayed along with it.

Every functions / apps of CarPlay, will be displayed full screen, not just NAV or music.

And this will not affect / damage the iDrive - whilst It may update and change the UI if the car has iD5 EVO.

Now, with the 'update' we've just mentioned above-

this whole service requires the iDrive to be above certain software version.

For ID6 It won't need any sort of update as they are usually up to date.

However for ID5, It requires to be above ver 18.x, to have the full screen CarPlay.

If the ID5 has lower version, which may not have the Apple CarPlay at all, then It needs to be updated to the upper software version via us or BMW dealers.

Hence to figure out the compatibility and save time, we request the VIN and the Navigation Software version info to be provided before visiting us.

As this will require a coding via BMW Network and remote support from them as well, everything needs to be prepared before they engage the car via computer.

This whole service is currently only being offered to the vehicles in Melbourne.

Hence if you are in Melb or in Victoria at least, - contact us via call or an email, and we can go from there.

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