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New product updates - 4th week of September

As the lockdown / border closing throughout Australia seems going be lifted soon (hopefully), everyone in Naviplus team wishes you nothing but safe and well.

Couple of new products, offering CarPlay & Android Auto for old Land Rovers:

1. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto , for L320 Range Rover Sports

Click the image above to open the online store in new window.

One thing we are sure is that the 1st gen Range Rover sport, L320 is extremely out of the date in terms of tech in the car.

In fact, whilst the whole audio setup may have been sensational with NAV and all gadgets back then, are no longer updated and probably started malfunctioning.

Furthermore, not even every models came with the spec like above - most came without the audio screen to begin with - obviously in that case our product won't do any good and you are better off with replacing the headunit bottom below (the green and black screen area)-

Our CarPlay & Android Auto solution will grant integration into that existing screen, which does not have HD resolution nor image quality, but still good enough to show everything of Apple Map / Google Map and your hot playlist via Spotify, play with the logic 7 sound system from Harman Kardon.

2. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto , for L359 Land Rover Freelander II

With the Freelander - compared to Discovery and Range Rovers, not many have been sold in Aus, which resulted with discontinued before end of the production.

And just like Disco 3 and Range Rover, quite lots of them didn't come witih the NAV screen, and in fact some of Freelander II had 'budget' type infotainment NAV setup compared to Range Rover / Sport model.

Those certain trim models were equipped with Garmin NAV, not really far from the typical portable GPS screen integrated to the dash of the vehicle, in other word It was a pure disappointment for a car with starting cost from $44K, considered as a 'premium' European brand.

But if your car had the upper infotainment model, which was featured with NAV, bluetooth and other gadgets, :

just like the Range Rover Sport, our product will upgrade the outdated NAV, into a modern tech like CarPlay and Android Auto.

More info & visual contents will be updated on our website once the lockdown is lifted up and we are all back to business - as we got few customers waiting for our workshop to reopen for walk in installation jobs.

Till then, hope you all stay safe & healthy.

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