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Mercedes Benz - CarPlay & Android Auto Integration, Touch or Using dial pad?

We've been offering 2 types of CarPlay / Android Auto - not Wireless / Wired difference, but difference in control method.

One uses the existing control knob and button pad, just like how original radio works with it, and the other is touch.

Generally most of vehicles coming out these days have touch screen, even the Big German 3 - Audi / BMW and Merc, now all come with touchscreen for their new lineups and even made it better than standard touchscreen that has been offered by many different car manufacturers for last +10 years.

For our products, each options have pros and cons.

Again, we are not the only CarPlay / Android Auto product supplier and we are well aware of it.

Most of those aftermarket CarPlay / Android Auto units support control knob method for Mercedes, as a result of trying to make 'Original' like product as possible.

Whilst there are always people want touch option - touchscreen always has been easier, faster and more effective to use compared to dealing with control knob - all those circling and pushing the knob.

Us Naviplus offers the control knob one, but on top of that, we also offer the touchscreen overlay option, whilst still offering the control knob function as well - unlike most of those other products in the aftermarket right now.

Below video is from installation of our product on W204 C-Class model, which was installed with CarPlay and Android Auto integration with both control knob & Touch overlay method was installed.

Each video shows the control / brief function of the CarPlay and Android Auto.

Control with the original dial pad

Control with the original dial pad, also with Touch overlay

There isn't any spec difference between 2 - just a matter of using dedicated parts, one for control knob method only, the other for supporting both.

More information is also available from below link:

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