Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for Renault R-Link & MediaNAV

MediaNAV audio of Renault Clio / Traffic / Captur

R-Link 1

Renault used to - probably still has a good reputation of offering one of the best / most used GPS NAVs in the world - TomTom Navigation.

And from 2020, they've decided to add CarPlay & Android Auto for their vehicles.

But at the same time, their previous series models, those from 2013 to 2019ish got neglected by this update and they made it clear the update won't be applied to the older models.

Which is kind of common thing within Automotive industry, as quite lots of them didn't come with reserved memory / plan for CarPlay / Android Auto to be added.

Certain cars from BMW / Mazda / Mercedes etc came with an infotainment setup that was designed for CarPlay / Android Auto add on as a part of accessory package, but for Renault It wasn't the case.

Most of Renault vehicles - Megane / Clio / Koleos / Traffic / Captur and the one didn't last long - ZOE are all neglected from CarPlay / Android