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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for Renault R-Link & MediaNAV

MediaNAV audio of Renault Clio / Traffic / Captur

R-Link 1

Renault used to - probably still has a good reputation of offering one of the best / most used GPS NAVs in the world - TomTom Navigation.

And from 2020, they've decided to add CarPlay & Android Auto for their vehicles.

But at the same time, their previous series models, those from 2013 to 2019ish got neglected by this update and they made it clear the update won't be applied to the older models.

Which is kind of common thing within Automotive industry, as quite lots of them didn't come with reserved memory / plan for CarPlay / Android Auto to be added.

Certain cars from BMW / Mazda / Mercedes etc came with an infotainment setup that was designed for CarPlay / Android Auto add on as a part of accessory package, but for Renault It wasn't the case.

Most of Renault vehicles - Megane / Clio / Koleos / Traffic / Captur and the one didn't last long - ZOE are all neglected from CarPlay / Android Auto update.

Although for the Catpur, strangely had factory fitted Android Auto on certain models from 2019, but still no CarPlay.

Us Naviplus, used to offer Reverse camera integration kit for Renault, covering MediaNAV and R-Link audio.

Just like any other CarPlay / Android Auto product of ours, our products do not change nor remove anything from the car whatsoever.

Also, over last few months, within this pandemic crisis and lockdown periods, we were still able to test and update our products.

The update involved with not just optimizing but also allowing it to use steering wheel control buttons / dials of the car.

So far, volume, music track buttons are all synced with using steering wheel trip adapter, and at this stage we are working on those phone answer / hang up function to be compatible as well.

Also, here are 2 short videos from previous testing:

At this stage, our products are somewhat more targeting MediaNAV infotainment setup, as R-Link were somewhat introduced quite late in 2019 and back then Renault slowly included CarPlay / Android Auto to their cars via update or provided as an optional accessories.

Our products are listed in link below:

Any questions or need more info, by all means you can always contact us via email-

Thank you for reading, and hope you all stay safe.

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