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CarPlay & Android auto update - From Sep to Dec 2019

Our youtube channel - most of those vids from last 3 months, are updates of SWC compatibility.

Since September we've been testing and consulting with devs to improve the integration of the CarPlay and Android Auto.

Back then both CarPlay and Android auto did integrate into the existing infotainment system of every compatible vehicle - in other word those cars listen our online store -,

yet when it comes to the control, it relied on either touch or the main control knob and buttons. and most of steering wheel controls did not work.

Hence we've been focusing on improving the steering wheel controls compatibility.

Just saying in advance, unfortunately we are yet to make those voice command buttons in the car to sync with either SiRi or Google Assistant due to they are generally linked with original voice commands in the car.

But We've managed to make those Track / Skip (Back / Foward) buttons to be used within CarPlay and Android auto, for music purpose.

We haven't had much opportunities to test of every cars those compatible, yet here are some list of vehicles those We've tested or currently testing:

Audi A1 / Q3 / A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 (C7) A7 / Q5 and Q7(4L)

The idea for Audi is either to make the control knob to track musics via shifting L&R,

or to use the roller dial on steering wheel.

Currently A4, Q3, A6&A7 and TT are confirmed working, with either method above.

Mercedes Benz - NTG4.5 (Finalized )

For those NTG4.5 audio equipped vehicles from 2012 to 2015 are pretty much confirmed finalized, using the shift L&R with control knob, like demonstrated in below video:

Compatible with C / E / CLS / SLK / ML / GL models, fully tested.

It will work with touch screen also, by overlaying touch panel over existing display.

Range Rover - IAM2 Audio

For those 2013 - 2016 models, tested on Evoque / Range Rover & Sports / Discovery 4 and Freelander II

Our CarPlay / Android Auto products are programmed to be compatible with volume,

and music track / forward buttons.

And in fact one of the product that we are working on to make the voice command button overrides with Siri / Google Assistant when CarPlay / Android auto is being used.

Also, we are moving on to extend compatibility with next series models with InControl Touch Audio, from 2017 to current ones.

Volkswagen - Touareg

Probably one of those products we supply most - throughout Aus & international sales.

Provides both volume and music track function, also we are working on voice command button as well. Compatible with both RNS850 and RCD550 (non Nav) setup.

And also we are working on stability and expanding compatibility pool, to add those vehicles didn't come with CarPlay nor Android Auto.

Hopefully Toyota vehicles will be added before the Christmas, and soon brand new LC200 models will be also added to the pool as well.

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