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Belated intro - our new 8" Display for Mercedes Benz A / B / CLA / GLA and G-Class with NTG4.5

It's actually quite long time ago - some of you may know that we've been selling our 8" Display

for Mercedes Benz vehicles, used to be called MB80 (Our old SKU number)

The old thumbnail from our online store - It used to have almost same design as the 7" display of Mercedes Benz A / B / CLA and GLA vehicles with COMAND package, just with 1" larger.

Which may not be much, but for those vehicle with Audio 20 setup (5.8") was surely the big change.

And after about 4 years of sales since late 2014, It has been renewed, with different design:

Which now has flat bezel around the screen, with better glass panel as the previous one have received few valuable feedback saying that it's reflection / glare is too much.

Whilst the screen now looks like those face lift models from 2015 - 2017/18 models with NTG5*1, it will still work with NTG4.5 equipped MB models, and still straight forward installation , which will probably take like 10 ~ 15 mins.

The new screen is called IM60C, and It's been available since Feb this year, so It's been already 5 months

We have couple of videos that this IM60C was used, one was for the A-Class and GLA-Class models, installed with CarPlay / Front Camera:

And the second video, is actually for quite old C-Class pre facelift model.

Which we've used special bracket and modified the connection / CAN info of the IM60C, to retrofitted on the C-Class that had old NTG4 Audio 20.

Although for the C-Class, It was more of an event item as we had few facia kits available, It is compatible with most of NTG4 / NTG4.5 era models from 2008 to 2014/15.

The screen itself does not have any built in program nor own menu features, however they do have video / connection input to be used along with other products, like those features from both videos above - NAV / CarPlay / Front Cam etc.

The not-so-New (as It was available since Feb) is still available from our online store, with slightly cheaper price than previous MB80's original price ($700.00AUD).

Above link will take you to the exact item.

Thank you for reading.

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