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Range Rover Vogue L322 - Apple CarPlay Integration for 2005 - 2010 models.

We've recently had opportunity to attend installation of our product on L322 Range Rover Vogue model. through our friends in Street Sound & Vision Mitcham branch.

Which was for installation of Apple CarPlay, to the original Sat Nav screen of the vehicle, which is same as below reference photo:

7" Original Sat Nav & TV Radio of Range Rover, from 2005 - 2010 on L322 Vogue models.

Although the car has quite outdated screen and technology compared to now back then It had everything, and it still used the same one like current video connection and protocol formats:

Which the connection and video ports are still being used in current Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, of course the quality must have been improved greatly over last 10+ years though

The installation involves with adopting the original touch screen to our device, so you can still use existing screen to configure CarPlay and Android Auto.

Although it requires open an accessing the internal boards of the monitor, It will not need any sort of cutting / soldering etc.

Just a bypass of the Touch input to our device and reassemble will do.

Due to the car belongs to the customer of SSV Mitcham, we weren't there to finish up the whole installation.

But below are some shots of CarPlay operation from installation & testing back then.

The unit is currently available and can be purchased from below link:

Thank you for reading

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