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Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Reverse Camera Integration for Factory UConnect 6.5

Us Naviplus also provides Reverse camera integration, in to that same UConnect 6.5" Audio, to provide proper park assist system.

As quite lots of Giulietta models didn't come with Reverse camera as a standard accessories, quite lots of enquiries were made from many different levels.

Our Reverse camera integration, will work through existing UConnect display without any change nor loss of existing audio / electronic features.

Just simply adding a camera, and video transferring device to use the audio display.

The reverse camera (which can be in many different shape and location as you / installer prefers mounts on back of the car, with all those cables hidden inside the dash, links to the front, where the UConncet Audio is located.

Which will be then installed with the video gateway module we also install, that sits between the camera and the audio.

And it display on the same screen, when you put the car on reverse. As you can see it has 2 different pairs of guidelines, one is the fixed (center) and the other pair is dynamic one, which follows steering wheels direction.

So it somewhat helps you to figure out what angle / direction those front wheels are headed when parking.

The camera will not affect any existing parking systems, such as the factory fitted parking sensors (the one displays on MFD in cluster) sensors will continue to work and alert with sound.

Reverse Camera integration for Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is currently offered by us with price of $700.00 including installation service, in Clayton VIC.

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