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Mercedes Benz - Burmester style Tweeter upgrade

For those new Mercedes Benz line up, such as C-Class / GLC-Class / E-Class / S-Class and GLS-Class, most of them come with Burmester sound system as standard or part of COMAND package.

Whilst we do not have any argument / opinion against the sound quality of the Burmester itself,

some Mercedes owners seem to not liking the design / decoration on the dash, saying that it has lack of finishing or missing that chrome grille.

For GLC Class in example, this car does have Burmester sound system, however does not have any Chrome finishing on tweeter parts. And refer to one of owners feedback -

"It doesn't look like that tweeter (part of sound system) isn't great as the rest of Burmester package components"

Which is kind of true - whilst the door trim and speaker grilles have chrome finishing with Burmester logo, the tweeter panel does not have any of above - which applies to almost every Mercedes vehicles.

And for that purpose, there's been a new product introduced sometime in 2018.

Which involves with replacing the whole tweeter speaker and grille all together:

This particular product was developed to grant 'proper' Burmester Tweeter to the car.

Which involves with total replacement of the tweeter speaker itself, and also the grille on top.

What It makes it somewhat 'premium' is that, unlike those standard aftermarket speakers or tweeter grilles, it actually has adopted full design of the Burmester setup.

And the on top of that, it has built in motor that pushes the tweeter speaker out side of housing, and changes the LED color, syncs to the interior light setting - which can be adjusted from audio setup.

In case people wonder, when the car's power is off, the tweeter itself is sitting inside of its housing:

And when the car starts, the motor powers up and lifts the tweeter outside of the housing.

This tweeter upgrade package - comes with pair is available by Naviplus, which takes only couple of hours to replace the whole thing & sync with audio system.

Compatible with pretty much every C / GLC / GLE / GLS / E and S-Class from 2015 to current models.

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