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Hyundai Accent Reverse Camera retrofit - on Factory audio display

For those Hyundai Accent owners, missed out Factory fitted reversing camera from dealership due to "Doesn't come with one" or "Can't install one" reasons:

Naviplus offers Reverse Camera retrofit, for those Hyundai Accent from 2015 (MY16) to current model with below infotainment audio unit,- with 6" display:

We use the existing audio system in the car, without any change nor removal on the existing setup.

Meaning that the same audio will display the rear sight, when you put the car on reverse.

And Once the camera is fitted:

Then It will show rear sight through the factory audio screen straight away.

Along with guidelines and the warning messages.

Just a quick note that those guidelines and warning messages may look differ or not even available, depends on the spec / version of the factory audio unit.

The reverse camera retrofit for Hyundai Accent is available from Naviplus.

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