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Caravan / Horse Float Camera Integration for Holden Colorado / Trailblazers

Back in some time ago We've launched a Caravan / trailer camera integration on Holden Colorado. Which was targeted for RG Series I back then - from 2014 - 2016 models with MyLink infotainment setup.

MyLink Infotainment audio - from Colorado / Trax and Barina

Now, it supports the current Holden Colorado and Trailblazer models from 2017 to current ones - those with updated MyLink that comes with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and finally a built in NAV ones.

It involves with integration of video interface module, that receives the video signal from external camera - from Caravan / Horse Float etc, and it get's selected by the module. Whether to display Factory camera that installed on the car, or to display external camera. All configured when you put the car on reverse, and press and hold of MUTE Button from the steering wheel control:

Like above photo - It will allow the display mode to cycle through Car's camera / external camera. And when the car is driving, using the same MUTE button, it will allow you to check the rear sight of what you towing - support constant rearview through external camera.

And also, ideal for Horse float owners as well:

Which in this case, it can utilize the interior camera to check horse's status while moving.

And of course, this additional camera integration mechanism can be used for many different purpose - e.g Interior cam, external cam on the car or Front camera etc.

More information will be updated via our Website / Facebook and Youtube channel.

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