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Headrest Apple TV Player installation - on G63 AMG

We've recently had an enquiry from one of our clients, that their own customers got a G63 AMG and wants a rear entertainment system.

Normally it's either Headrest DVD Player or roof mounted one - yet we do not install roof mounted ones to these kind of vehicle which comes with Sunroofs.

Hence we've proposed Headrest DVD Player option, which does not change the headrest, but clips on to the Headrest poles:

As you can see It clips on those pols with own mounting bracket, allow it to adjust height and view angle as well.

And also, the client wanted something more special for his customer.

As the DVD Player supports the HDMI Input as well, we've suggested him the Apple TV

The Apple TV product we've used is a 4th Gen model - connects to our headrest player via HDMI connection, with most of wires hidden inside of the front seats. and connects to the Apple TV

Which we've hidden it near amplifier located under the passenger seat.

And once it powers up:

Brings up the Apple TV on both screens, and allows you to select program you've downloaded / wish to watch using Intenet

And the Apple remote works with Apple TV while is being displayed on headrest DVD Player.

Allowing to control and move around those program / features.

Also, the perk of Apple TV - that you can store video clips to its internal storage (or you can just use the own feature of DVD Player), and also can do AirPlay - which mirrors your iOS product and displays any app / action you execute.

This Apple TV x DVD Player Integration is pretty much available for any sort of vehicles, with installation time of approx 2 hours.

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