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Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Retrofit on VF Series 2 commodore is now available!

Ever since We've updated and started promoting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration upgrade, Holden's VF Commodore was always on the top enquiry list.

Back then and until recent, VF Commodore was supported, only for Series 1 models.

The main & only reason was due to that VF series 1 had dedicated AUX input for MyLink, and our platform used the AUX to play sound via car speakers.

Whereas bluetooth wasn't supported.

And as VF Series 2 does not have AUX input, it wasn't fully compatible and all it could do was visual part, not the audio.

But now, after multiple testing on VF Series II vehicle , we are thrilled to announce that the new platform, dedicated for VF Series II is now ready.

In terms of spec and feature wise, the Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Platform for each VF Series I and Series II do not have any significant difference.

The only difference VF II integration platform has is, that It uses bluetooth audio streaming function of the MyLink.

Simply and literally, once the phone is being connected via USB to the CarPlay / Android Auto platform, and also connected to MyLink via Bluetooth : Any sound occurred from CarPlay / Android Auto, will be automatically played via Bluetooth audio function, as long as it's been selected as a media source from MyLink.

In that way, now VF II owners can use & receive same upgrade as VF Series I.

The Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration on MyLink - is currently available from Naviplus. It can be purchased from below link to our online store:

Or can be purchased & fitted by us, at our workshop in Brunswick.



03 9995 6580

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