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Naviplus Introduces DIY level, complete Plug and Play GPS System for range of Toyota vehicles from 2

Video of GPS Navigation System introduction & Installation guide video - designed for Toyota RAV4

Naviplus has been both supplying and installing our one of best seller - Toyota Audio Integrated GPS Navigation system, for last 3 years.

That It grants not just a built-in GPS system that no longer required to pay extra for the poor quality ToyotaLink Mobile GPS app, but also grants OEM grade performance, involved with playing sound via Car speakers with fade in & out, compatible with existing audio features of the vehicle without removal / alteration, and also easy map update with no update cut-out guaranteed for lifetime.

As advertised in our website , Our system is compatible with those vehicles from Toyota range :

Toyota S150 Prado, GX / GXL / VX from 2014 to 2015 May builds.

Toyota Hilux , GX / GXL / SR5 from 2014 to 2015 May builds. (Including very early face lift from 2015 May)

Toyota RAV4 GXL from 2014 to 2015 May builds.

Toyota Kluger GX / GXL from 2014 to 2015 May builds

Toyota Corolla ZR from 2014 to 2015 May builds. (Including very early face lift from 2015 May, for those Corolla with newer design of audio display).

For all of those vehicles with 'APPS' feature available.

And now that the time is 2016 and for those of you who are still in need of GPS system for those vehicle mentioned above:

Naviplus introduces a newly updated GPS system, that is now can be installed by yourself - regardless of whether you are savvy with car audio or not.

The system has became completely DIY, as It doesn't require any sort of cutting / soldering wires nor hook those to Power / battery / Ground.

As long as you have right tools (which can be purchased from Autobarn without stress) and courage to open up car's dash, you won't find it hard at all.

Not to mention that actual Navigation software - iGO Primo is somewhat you will find it familiar if you ever used Toyota's Navigation system before : as the iGO Primo is somewhat the same map produced by NAVTEQ - having said that, It's straight forward and can get used to it without any drama.

It's pretty much common sense - but the system doesn't require any sort of connection between GPS and your phone, due to It has own Map database read through Map SD card and also own GPS aerial to receive satellite information directly, without passing mobile phone GPS.

Not to mention that you do not need to take it to the dealership for software / Map update, as the system itself is really light, and Map updates can be done by yourself also.

As mentioned above, the Map is from NAVTEQ, and follows their policy and method for the Map update - via Navigation Map update software known as Naviextras Toolbox,

With easy to update concept - plug the Map card to the PC, and proceed to the check & update, with all computerized and simple update method, with payment of credit card or PayPal available, directly to the NAVTEQ - which is the one of the major perks of iGO Primo.

Furthermore - this is something that we've been asked frequently: Toyota's SUV and utes are well known for not just great family car / workmate, but also Offroad machines. And Naviplus has been contacted by our customers regarding whether It's possible to load Offroad map on our Navigation system - such as HEMA map. The answer is Yes, in fact, both Offroad map and urban map can be loaded at once and can switch between 2 whenever necessary.

The base of every Offroad map, known as OziExplorer will grant not just offroads of Australia but It will work exactly same as HEMA Map, that able to download and show offroads of any area, region, countries registered to their website.

There's been already quite a few numbers of Toyota Prados we've supplied the system with both Urban and Offroad Mappings - through a Toyota Offroader forum in SA's group purchase.

And also hundres of Kluger, RAV4 and Hiluxs running with Naviplus's GPS Navigation sytem, assisting their route days and nights.

If you are indeed in need of GPS System for your Toyota Prado / Toyota Kluger / Toyota RAV4 / Toyota Hilux and Toyota Corolla, and the dealership didn't help much back then nor ToyotaLink GPS is giving you nothing but a headache : It's time for you to do the right things from your end!

Us, Naviplus team will grant that we will serve you with not just the mentality of salesman, but also a mentality of good will - personal assistant to assist you further to achieve what you are after from us, and for your vehicle.

THIS LINK will lead you to our Toyota GPS Navigation system, starting from $800 AUD with promotion from $1200 AUD applied.

Thank you for reading.

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