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2011 Audi Q5 TSI - Smart Touch GPS Navigation and Rearview backup camera Installed on Factory Concer

As most of you who owns an Audi or at least driven one will agree that: Audi is somewhat pinnacle of Luxury family cruiser.

Yet at the same time, It's agreeable that some of trim models don't deliver such 'impact' and 'feature' compare to the price tag on those vehicles.

Obviously for S Line or RS lines, pretty much everything comes standard, or perception is that if they can afford such high trims - those optional features won't be an issue.

Yet there are stills tons of Audi vehicles missing Sat Nav or Rear Camera, or both.

Having said that, those are somewhat essential features these days regardless of car brand and It sounds somewhat absurd that premium brand like Audi doesn't grant those.

Coming from current prestige audio specialist & owner of Audi - us Naviplus introduce our one of best sellers -

A Touch GPS Navigation and OEM Grade Rear Camera system, designed for Audi Audio system.

One of the frequent questions we've been asked since day 1 is that:

'Is this system change something from the car?'

Our answer that will never change is : 'No'.

You see, Naviplus's Audi Audio Integrated Sat Nav / Rear Camera system is that something doesn't change nor remove anything from the car, whilst adding such functions to the car to work like genuine feature.

Having said that, It doesn't interfere with the audio system of Audi, just sharing the audio display with Radio and they all work at the same time. Easy to say that think your Audi audio unit as a PC, and you are using 2 monitors and one of them powers on only when you call it up.

'The Call up' button is bound to the 'Mode' button on Steering wheel controls.

Whilst the initial action that bounded to that button remain same, up on prolonged press of it for 1~2 seconds will switch display mode into Nav mode.

Like this:

Whilst the Radio / Audio / bluetooth will work in background and doesn't get cut off by Nav.

Nor the Nav stops when such feature is running in background.

And some of customers also wondered whether it's controllable while driving.

The answer is Yes, I mean - It will be dreadful to stop the car all the time when you need t adjust your navigation - think if you are in freeway - surely that's something not thoughtful.

And the perk of Naviplus's Audi Audio Integrated GPS Navigation system for Audi Q5 is that:

It grants dedicated touch function to the audio.

Notice the word 'dedicated' - the Audi audio system will requires to be controlled by console buttons.

But when you are in Nav mode, you can simply touch the screen to navigate through the Map software.

Also, the touch function is granted by touch panel, and as you can see, you can't see any sign of whether the glass panel has been modified or not, that's because It's been overlay to the existing glass panel and covered by the black cover dash.

So no such appearance change will occur.

It is quite handy system, as even the Factory GPS from Audi, known as Navigation Plus -

You are still required to use dial to type the address.

One of the Audi vehicles are generally lack of is the rear camera system.

Some of the high trim or with premium package, the vehicle comes with Parking system,

known as OPS - Optical Parking Sensors.

It does help than just standard sound warning, but at the same time, sensors aren't that reliable compare to the actual rear vision granted.

Having said that, customers we've served in past always enquired whether the system disappears or remains same.

The system indeed remain same and will be there, along with both sound and visual.

One thing has to be mentioned that, the OPS system will be there, yet some vehicles and year models will show OPS along with Rear vision, some don't. - Mainly due to the difference of the car's audio system and sensors from factory.

As mentioned above, the OEM grand trunk handle replacement camera has been installed on this Q5.

Even if the car is equipped with auto trunk, It will remain same, whilst granting rear vision to the audio screen, featured with dynamic guidelines to follow steering wheel's direction.

And as also mentioned just before, some vehicles will show the OPS system along with rear vision,

Just like this 2012 Audi A6 model we've installed back in January:

And if your vehicle doesn't have OPS, nor genuine sensors - It won't be shown up but just rear sight.

Here is the summary of Naviplus's Audi Audio Integrated GPS and Camera system:

  • Compatible with pretty much every Audi Vehicle with 3G audio system, or with MMi System, mainly post 2009 models.

  • For GPS, dedicated Touch screen comes with the Nav to enable touch-to-navigate.

  • Doesn't change nor remove anything from the car.

  • Better price, easy to update the GPS Map, without visiting dealership.

  • Additional accessories can be installed down the track - such as DVD Player, CarPlay-like systems or Front Camera.

  • Developed and manufactured in Korea, aimed for fitted on new KDM Audi under Quattro Korea's approval.

The Audi Audio Integrated Touch GPS System is priced at $1,399.00 RRP by Naviplus.

Feel free to leave any comments or send an enquiry to

Thank you for reading and safe driving everyone.


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