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Ford Mustang coming to Australia - Farewell to Falcon XR8

As Ford Australia has announced, from late 2016 the assembly line for Ford Falcon XR8 and GT lines will be terminated. Replaced with Ford Mustang.

Basically from then Ford Mustang will be the only V8 Ford you will be able to purchase within Australia.

Of course It will be never too late to wait for outcome of it once It actually lands on Austraila and hit its first drive, yet being able to purchase this famous and iconic American muscle car will be promising for most of drivers.

Other than a period of official sales back in late 1960s, it's Mustang's 2nd official visit to Australia - end of price tag around $90K to $100K for RHD conversion inclusive.

With its new price tag of around $50K - putting itself to a reach of far greater number of Mustang / V8 fans.

Not just in perspective view of Car audio tech, but also in view of car enthusiasts, It is a positive and benefitial move for migration of Mustang - that having a vehicle which also gets sold global will bring up more open market and compatiblity within parts and accessories.

Safe to say It's a big time move for Australian's taste of diversity.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost 4Cyl 2.3L model (Reference)

Another notable fact is that not just standard V8 models, Ford's 4 Cylinder Turbo charged EcoBoost Mustangs are also coming to Australia.

Which is causing fair numbers of debate with its performance and overall prediction.

Surely 4 Cylinder with Turbo charged 'Muscle Car' may not appealing for some.

Yet It must be considered that this 2.3L EcoBoost Engine will be the one powering upcoming Ford Focus RS - which is fastest hot hatch ever produced by Ford and in preparation of battle with new Honda Civic Type R and Nismo Pulsar. According to reviewers those were fortunate enough to test drove Ford Mustangs, including both EcoBoost and V8 models - EcoBoost has pretty higher merit over V8. Mostly due to it's cheaper to run, better balanced in corners due to less weight over the front wheels, and enough powered engine to prevent 'troubles' on the road. Not to mention that there won't be really noticable difference between EcoBoost and V8 models in terms of exterior design. Also, from improvement based on feedback for 5th Gen Mustangs, both models have improved steering, transmission and stability control, increasing its merit over German luxury brands - reviewers claimed that 'It brings more overall satisfaction compare to its rival Chevrolet Camaro' - which is still in rumor whether It will also visit Australia within 23 new lineup for Holden.

Also, Ford has put fair bit of effort on list of standard equipment including dual zone climate control, 8" SYNC2 Touch screen audio featured with satellite Navigation for AU, smart key with push to start button, auto lights & wipers, climate controlled seatas with leather trim for every model, also aggressive 19" alloy rims. Consider base 2.3L EcoBoost manual model will start from $44K, along with standard features will be 'bargain' compare to Falcon's notorious optional feature and overpriced tag. Which resulted & currently on going pre order of over 4000+ buyers in Australia. With such sharp pricing with equipment to satisfy customer's expectation, Ford is signalling that there's a new Ford performance car coming to attract lots of enthusiasts who value style, technology, performance and reputation at same time - which Mustang will definitely bring with it. For Australia's local market, It will be a challenge (although we reckon Mustang will overcome without stress) to compete with Faclon and Commodores, which is suffering yet offering good price due to high rate of depreciation. Especially It will be an interesting match up between Mustang, Holden's last pride, VF II Commodores and Chrysler's new 300Cs - which has been receiving pitiful feedback and purchase rate in Australia. We will post up more reviews and upcoming market change over expecting arrival of Mustangs - there will be pretty big change and new items coming up over 'decoration and tune up' for Mustangs and also its future rivals - Holden's new 23 line ups.



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