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Jeep Grand Cherokee BlackHawk - Family SUV that's having a popular start-off in 2016.

Back in 2013 & 2014 large numbers of SUV models formed the stir & segment within Australia.

Becoming second most popular vehicle class, ovetaking utes and light/compact cars.

Proving that Australians do love big and high practical cars - not to mention constant produce of a family will require family SUVs to suit their family moving / needs.

Among those SUVs, the most popular ones in similar price range were:

  • Holden Captiva 7

  • Ford Territory

  • Toyota Kluger

  • Nissan Pathfinder

  • Mazda CX-9

  • Kia Sorento

  • Hyundai Tucson

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

Among those SUVs, despite the fact the price advantage of Holden Captiva 7 (Starts from $39k) and Kia Sorrento ($40k), along with fairly promising features for a 7 seater,

ironically It was Jeep Grand Cherokee that has been sold & enquired most, despite the fact that price starts from $43K (Laredo) and being only 5 seaters within competition.

Some Austrailans will remember that Jeep has suffered from crisis with dishonor of being called 'Lemon Car' and 'American waste'.

Due to it's cheap quality, expensive parts, waiting time and overall quality & life expectancy wasn't big.

Yet ever since 2013, with new Grand Cherokee and Compass that showed how small SUV should be featured & priced at gave some sort of redemption to the brand, allowing customers to look back - whilst its brother Chrysler and Dodge were still suffering over overpriced criteria.

Although the base model, 4x2 Laredo was in decent price and considered as great valued car, It was Blackhawk model that grabbed most of those attentions and purchase.

Compared to the base Laredo model, It was equipped with 20" Black alloy wheels and 8.4" UConnect Touch Infotainment system as a standard.

Also, in exterior wise It was improved with designs and additional accessories.

Safe to say compare to Laredo, It doesn't really need extra dress up mods, apart from absence of the front & tow bars.

The 8.4" UConnect system does make difference, featured with 800 x 480 HD resolution, DAB+2 Radio system and also adds variety of features that powered by mobile data from your phone.

Also featured with Bluetooth Phone / Audio streaming - that wasn't even in standard with those prestige SUVs - such as Audi Q5 / BMW X5 / Merc ML.

Satellite Navigation system however, still come as an optional feature, despite the fact that GPS system is already built inside of the car (in most case), It will require unlock code from MOPAR - who controls parts / accessories for Jeep / Chrysler / Dodge / Fiat.

Still, there are lots of alternatives hence it won't be a big issue - after all, people still uses their mobile phone's Navigation.

Also, key advantage of Jeep Grand Cherokee is that Its ridiculously strong Disel turbo charged engine.

V6 3.6L Petrol engine is a standard for almost every range of Grand Cherokee, apart from Summit (V6 3.0 Diesel standard) and the mighty SRT model (6.4L V8)

Due to the size & weight of the vehicle (1998kg) it occasionally struggles and slow to rev, sometmes stumbles during full throttle kickdown, yet its 8 speed auto transmission works fluent with the engine thus no such big issue in terms of power.

Whilst V6 3.0 Diesel Turbocharged engine, from VM Motori Italy, that's where it takes air plane.

Although 3.0 Diesel with 184kW might look slow on paper, but Diesl engine is foused on tow and torque, other than max performance.

Having said that, 570Nm to enable drive 3500kg pull will justify their famous advertise of 'Bought a Jeep - with towing caravan / massive trailers).

Only thing that worries customers to hesitate signing contract is that, the turbo hose, gasket and pipe lines are reported as service prone. And consider parts has to be delievered from US if it's in Warranty,

Yet it was mainly focused on early models (2013) and It's been cleared off as 'fixed'.

Blackhawk models didn't have any report nor posts about similar problem so far.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Blackhawk outstyles most of its competitors, in terms of design, interior, space and dress up accessories.

Price usually does matter a lot when it comes to purchasing the car, yet consider Captiva 7 is showing poor sales record, maybe it's not always so.

Features may gets haunted by Korea's Kia Sorrento or Hyundai Tuscon armed with 7 year warranty in near future. Yet still 8.4" Touch infotainment system will attract more people.

Blackhawk is pretty much base model in Grand Cherokee that has standard Quadra-Trac 4WD system.

Which jusifies their background of brand name based on performance on offroad.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Blackhawk's starting price is $58,594 for 3.6L Petrol, and $65,818 for 3.0: Diesel Turbo.

Click the logo to the online store of or solution available for Jeep Grand Cherokee Blackhawk


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