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Say Good Bye to tiny screen of Audi A3, say hello to 8" GPS Monitor.

Hello, this is Naviplus :)

These days we've been receiving fair number of prestige cars' visits, just like this Audi A3 sedan that visited us about week and half ago.

So, we'd like to have a little talk about this little beauty.

Audi A3 comes with 5.8" vertical pop up audio screen, which has low resolution (480 x 234), not that great backlite & missing of Touch function.

Consider amount of the money you need to pay to Audi dealership in order to make it 7" and have GPS system is somewhat almost 10% of the total price of the car, yet still no touch fucntion (which is trend in audio market) Lots of audi owners are looking for something cheaper, bigger and better wiht touch system.

To respond to those needs, here we are, proudly reporting our installation of HD resolution Touch audio screen for Audi A3, that does not change anything apart from monitor.

It fits to Audi's dashboard without any modification nor removal of parts.

As you can see the screen has been increased in both size and resolution, without being stretched.

From 5.8" Low resolution to 8" HD Resolution with 800 x 480p.

Not to mention It still uses factory audio controller buttons, whilst granting touch function when Navigation is opened.

Which, also uses Factory NAV button, simply pushing 'NAV' controller will show Navigation system that uses built-in Touch function of the new monitor.

The GPS Software used is called 'iGO Primo', manufactured by NNG and It's currently being supplied by Tunez within Australia. As they are the authorized reseller for AU.

The perk of iGO Primo is of course, clear & straight forward interfaces, fast GPS calculation and lots of other gizmos that aids you in those factory audio system can't.

Not to mention the it has a lot cheapr to update (at least $400 cheaper than Audi's Navigation) and it already comes with 1 year unlimited free update period once activated.

As most of Audi on the road does not have Touch screen (apart from those audis been to us), this is the system that can certainly stand your car out among others.

Another request from the customer apart from bigger screen and GPS system was that, she wanted the back up camera for her A3.

As camera was another optional feature and when she compared the 'Genuine' Audi camera to her other car which had our camera fitted in, she rejected the offer straight away and included Camera on her shopping list with us.

Luckily, we've had an OEM Camera for Audi in stock, that is compatible with not just Audi A3 Sedan, but also A4,A5,A6 Q5 and Q7.

As It's an OEM but bit 'enhanced' by manufacturer, It grants better nightvision and parking guidelines to detect the distance between car's rear bumper and obstacle.

Also nearly for got to mention that: another perk of this system is that unlike other aftermarket solutions, this monitor grants

Dynamic parking guidelines, moves the lines following Steering wheel's direction.

It may look confusing but when you actually use it you will get how convenient it is to have such parking assist like this.

Lots of people are happy with having rear sight available when they are reversing, and who can't blame them? It's certainly a must- have item these days.

Yet instead of installing those cheap Rearview Mirrors from eBay, with price tag of $40~60 with poor quality, this type of system is what 'proper' rear camera system is.

In terms of Camera system, we also have an OEM Camera system, that is integrated to existing audio screen of the Audi:

As you can see, a Dynamic guideline and distance detect lines are integrated into 6.5" / 7" of Audi A4 / A5 / Q5 vehicle's Audio screen, just like any other products of us, It will never ever replace or removes features from your car.

Everything must remain same whilst adding function you need, that is our motto and our products are designed for.

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