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OEM Satellite Navigation system for Land Rover 3rd Gen - Brief Review

Hey all.

This is a brief update of our Integrated Sat Nav system for Land Rover.

Our previous system was 'Factory Integrated' yet some customers gave us their opinion of

'It's still good, better than noting mate. But could be better other than pressing certain button for long time'. Or 'I can't see the volume, Bluetooth phone call details when I'm on Nav screen - I need to go back to the radio'.

Of course we wanted our customers to have best system and solution out there, we've been contacting lots of manufacturers, suppliers and developers, safe to say any relevant companies in the world. From Korea to US, China to Germany, Hungary to UK - any named companies we've contacted and discussed about the solutions.

And during that progress of sourcing, we were able to contact those manufacturers supply to Land Rover delaerships in Europe, and we've obtained a sample from them. The system was really simply structurerd yet well made, our previous system was still good and gave better compatiblity in terms of car stereo accessories though.

Our first sales of the system - on Range Rover Evoque 2015 Pure Tech model.

The system we've obtained and tested was 'OEM' Navigation system, that as you can see It restores Navigation menu inside of the Home Menu, as shown on above.

Back when were testing on Discovery 4 2014 model, It showed as 'Nav' not 'Navigation' - we guess that depends on car audio. (There was slight change on Audio system every year, since 2013)

If the car has 'Nav' button on side control panel (where as this car had ♬ due to this car didn't came with Nav system, not even as optional feature), the button can turn the Nav on / off, just like factory Navigation system....well because this is OEM Navigation.

Once you turn the Navigation on, It will show 'Enter GPS' screen, which obviously you gotta press it. And it goes to Navigation straight away.

The map installed in this system is licensed iGO Primo 9, up to date one. This system reads not just iGO map but also reads other mapping like TomTom , Sygic , PolNav etc so if you have your own mapping in mind - you can swap into it. - There's no bound mapping for this system. But in other hand, iGO Primo is somewhat best mapping in the world at the moment hence the customer was happy with it.

It calibrates into the screen without missing pixels / borders, and also no dead pixel occuring.

In fact, we reckon the aftermarket mappings are usually better than factory ones, esepcially those uses mobile data to operate, no mobile data required, easy to update, and a lot cheaper to gain & maintain.

The perk of this Navigation system is, as it's an OEM, It literally integrates itself to the audio, working as default program. Hence you can check your stereo volume, who called you on the phone or any alerts, while your navigation is on. Like this:

It's a big merit compare to our previous Navigation system as in order to do those things, you had to swtich back to stereo and do everything - go back to Nav system. We admit it's somewhat not that convenient.

But as with this system, It's fully integrated and as our customer Peter said, "This system will attract lots of Land Roverers" .

To those of you still worried about the warranty - no need to as the car stereo system itself isn't what dealership cares about (unless that aftermarket system causes electrical problem), and besides, It's an OEM system that used as genuine. Warranty void is impossible to be ocurred.

Also, this system is compatible with any 3rd Gen Land Rover vehicles, which means any Land Rover vehicles from 2012 are compatible with this sytem, but must have 7" touch display audio. If you own a Freelander II / Discovery 4 / Evoque without Nav & Dealership says either buy an upper level one or just get external GPS system - you know who to contact.

Thank you.


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