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Australia Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAAE) We were there! - Part 2.

Our NOT-THAT-FANCY booth - We didn't have much preparation time :( Yet we received great interest and contacts from visitors, thank you all.

We've exhibited all 3 days, from Thurs 16 to Saturday 18th, we've prepared just 150 brochures and business card because we were under impression that those big major sponsors will be the steal of the expo, not us. (We even joked about ourselves that It will be lucky for us to give out 30 of them)

Well, We still weren't steal of the show, however we've received so much attention and visitors than we've expected. As we've mentioned in Part.1, we were 1 of 3 Car audio system exhibitors, we think that could be the one of reasons why our booth were 'hot'. For us, It was a pretty easy job as our Navigation systems were somewhat 'interactive' products, we didn't need booth girl nor detailed explanation. Visitors came inside of the booth and used the navigation, they were pretty pleased, also as most of visitors are generally from workshops / audio installers / dealership guys, they were complaining about how lame the factory Sat Nav system is, (somehow those visitors from dealership all loved to pull out dissing word on their own product) and how expensive it is for them to purchase it from manufacturer and HQ.

Also, pretty amazing conversations were going on between us and visitors from NZ, as there aren't any car manufacturers in NZ due to ridiculous reasons, there are tons of imported vehicles (mainly from Japan due to right handle driving), and most of them don't have own Nav solution / translated Audio. Hence most of them end up using those external GPS device, or installs expensive 2 Din head units. Our Toyota & Hyundai Sat Nav systems were main target from them, as our system is keepable of to get installed on those JDM (Japanese Domestic Market vehicles) cars, along with slight modification, they were really interested and they did actually contact us for further information and business opportunity.

Our Factory screen integrated Navigation system installed on Genuine Corolla & RAV 4 head units. (Those damn paper notes....)

As you can see, Corolla head unit (left) displays Sat Nav using iGO Primo (which we believe they are the genuine supplier for Toyota with different UI), and RAV4 Head unit (right) displays camera sight that connected to one of our Dash Camera, shows that our system is fully supports almost any video inputs, which makes our system so unique.

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK7 5.8" Factory Head unit (left) / Our 8" Monitor display for Golf MK7 (Right)

Also, Volkswagen products of ours were pretty hot too, as most of Golf MK7 came out with 5.8" display, even though they support Sat Nav and Rear camera, still 5.8" is somewhat 'not equipped' size. The 8" display is fully compatible with Factory audio features, in fact it uses existing audio system & its features. After all, It's only swapping the monitor.

As you can see, the start logo of VW Golf MK7 shows up when the car is started. The pros of this system is, not just 8" large display that can play 720p videos with calibrated HD, It also has built-in Sat Nav system, which is a lot better than factory Sat Nav. One of the visitors actually pre-ordered our system and we've delivered it to the customer 2 days after expo, said he's looking forward to expand the business out of it, along with our full support.

The expo was a great experience for us, regrettfully that we couldn't prepare more yet we are content that we've learnt a lot and met lots of new people and their awesome products, stories and opportunities.

Also, we are previleged that as this kind of expo is somewhat takes lots of time and money for small business like us to enter, we were lucky to attend the expo as an one of exhibitors, not just visitors.

We aren't sure when the next expo will be happening, and we don't know we will enter that, but we are looking forward to provide the best solution to market and satisfy the customers.

Thank you for reading and we will talk to you later.


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