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300C-erebral. Satellite Navigation system for Chrysler 300C

Hi all.

Let's start this post with bitter fact for Chrysler.

Chrysler has never been 'successful' in Australia, not because everyone was Holden / Ford Lover (Could be the main factor though), nor Japanese / Korean cars were hitting market hard (Could be the main factor also) but because of people's perception that American vehicles consume petrol more, warranty is crap and overall accessories / features weren't really competitive compare to other vehicles.

Chrysler Voyager alone was only 'saved' vehicle among all Chrysler range, due to it's a utility van for both family / people moving fan or courier van. And then 300C 1st gen model came to Australia.

The overall 300C's review was ' average'. Using a quote from Motoring - "Pros of Amercian engine that is keepable of outpower most of cars on the road, and Cons of lack of audio / entertainment features and cheap interior theme".

Then the New 300C, 2nd Generation came out on 2011 shows that Chrysler seemed agreed to the review from Motoring.

Apart from base 'limited' model (not sure that badge is still around), rest of 300C ranges has standard UConnect 8.4" Navigation system. It is one of the great infotainment audio systems in the world., despite the low graphic, thes rest features are just stunning. Yet, Mobile data based app launcher type audio system has one limit - It will someday stop working when your mobile data plan is capped, or you don't have a phone with you.

And we've been receiving few feedback about the factory Navigation system came with UConnect. According to our few sales reps in touch, they told us that customer complained about the UConnect's Nav system due to It uses way too much mobile data in background, and whenever they want to change address, they literally have to stop the car in the middle of the road and type the address again.

The first complain was could be it was running additional app in background / or phone itself was running something else, yet the 2nd one, If that was real and still hasn't fixed - It is some serious problem.

Us, Naviplus have been developing solution for this matter, and we are pround that outcome is even better than what we've expected.

Our Factory restoration Satellite Navigation system not only just GPS Navigation that doesn't use mobile datas nor changes UConnect's features, but also It restores the UI buttons for Navigation system, to any 300C modles from 2014.

Also, the Navigation screen will be displayed on same proportion of the screen, just like UConnect's Navigation app. And It surely solves the problems customers had by not suing any mobile data nor need to to stop for adjust the address.

Some of you may wonder whether it's violating the warranty from dealership, the answer is No.

In fact, 'The Dealership's Warranty' covers those mechanical services, not car stereo retrofit / modification hence you might heard about people who installed new bass stereo set on new car and still gets serviced from dealerships. Besides, our system has been approved in Korea by authorized service / parts company within Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Surely the delaerships can't argue against it when the system is considered as Genuine!

Us, Naviplus are always open to hear your questions / concerns or just simple hello. Feel free to check our Satellite Navigation system for Chrysler 300C from our website.

And thank you for reading!


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