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Display the most accurate and fast map on screen - Sat Navigation system for Range Rover Evoque Pure

Range Rover Evoque was almost a steal of the show back in January 2008, at North American International Auto Show, (NAIAS). Since the release of the concept, Evoque has received all the positive from automotive press for retaining features, amenities and off-road capabilities of a traditional Range Rover, while in a size of smaller SUV with challenging whole new style.

Whilst Evoque has been were shining well with its styles and decent-rather-surprizing power from 2.0L engine, the entertainment features receive for the price isn't really satisfying - and this has been outlined from several automedia reviews.

Obviously, regardless of the vehicle, most brand's base models don't come with features like Reverse Camera, Sat Navigation, DVD player etc as a standard. For Reverse Camera, there will be probably law coming up for make it standard for every vehicle for safety purpose. However, for Navigation system? It is still in the shell of 'Option'.

Out of 4 trim models (Pure / Pure Tech / Prestige / Dynamic), Pure (Base) doesn't even have available option of Navigation, while Prestige model comes with Sat Nav as standard... and the RRP from Dealership is around $3,500. Which is obviously absurd amount of money for a Navigation system.

And the more sad part is that, Pure model, which is base Evoque, doesn't even have Navigation option available from dealership and manufacturer itself hence It doesn't have 'NAV' button on the audio control, instead replaced by '♬' button that configures Music player.

Range Rover Evoque 2013's Audio with HDD Navigation - NAV button available.

Range Rover Evqoue 2013 Pure model's audio - ♬ has replaced NAV button.

We reckon It was somewhat cruel to not allowing customers to purchase Evoque Pure model with Nav option, consider Nav option is also not standard for other 3 models, Customers are forced to buy at least upper model if they want Factory Sat Navigation.

It is pretty rare line up and specs for such vehicle with +$60K. as most of those luxury / prestige brands barely blocks the compatibility / optional feature installation.

Well, but It dosen't mean Evoque base model should be driven without Navigation.

Factory screen Integrated Navigation on Evoque Pure 2013 --- Powered by licensed iGO9 Primo Installation was done by Naviplus.

The Sat Navigation system doesn't have to be genuine with high price tag, but at the same time, it shouldn't be those external GPS system / Phone Map service with bunch of wires and deckers. Why? because it distracts driver's view and also control is relatively harder when you are driving.

This Factory screen ntegrated Sat Navigation system, what this system does is pretty much same as installation an application on your phone. And also works with almost same mechanism as factory Sat Navigation, that pressing button, will switch the screen to Navigation, and if you press Home Menu, It goes back to radio.

This system doesn't support split screen feature 'YET', however : Music player, Bluetooth Phone call / pairing, Rear sight display when car is reversing , radio playback etc will still work as it should be, In other word : It does not touch Evoque's factory radio features, everything remains same and only adds Navigation.

Yes, It is still a proper Navigation system and we believe it's a best option for Evoque as replacing head units for Evoque is such a tough job and dashboard / fascia alternatives are insanley hard to get one consider evoque is pretty new car manufactured since 2011.

Along with iGO Primo 9, which is one of the best mappings in the world and grants fast and accurate route planning for Australia, while the price is about half price as dealership's Factory Sat Navigation... We dare say it is better than a factory Navigation system (For those none- Prestige badge Evoques)

We all know that It's not about Navigation when you buy the car, but you know, It's good to have one and good to pay less, right?


Click the image above to browse the relevant Navigation system.

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