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No more Mobile data Navigation - Introducing Sat Navigation for Toyota Kluger

Toyota Kluger 2014 ready to be delivered to the customer - NSW

Toyota has been known as most reliable, affordable and long lasting vehicle throughout the world.

And at the same time, It's always been the issue from customers that Toyota vehicles aren't really equipped, especially Australian market vehicles were relatively more suffering from such high price of accessories / entertainment features. While those Toyota vehicles in US / or domestic vehicles in Japan were pretty much full optioned / or price for each trim was relatviely cheaper.

Fortuntely, ever since late 2013, Toyota has been releasing most of their vehicles with much more equipped features such as : Color screen Touch infotainment audio system / Rear Camera, Sat Navigation system, Bluetooth Paring and lot more.

Interior of Toyota Kluger 2014 Model - With Factory Sat Navigaion that uses 3G / 4G Data.

It was certainly a good move from Toyota, even though some feautres aren't standard for entire trims, still It was well equipped and consider small price difference, It didn't seem really matter hence Toyota Corolla, Hilux, Camry etc always took the top 5 spot in monthly vehicle sales report in Australia since 2014.

Yet, It was Kluger which showed oustanding results. Corolla, Camry and Hilux were already a best selling vehicles due to its affordable price, durability and also lots of needs from workers / Government etc.

While Kluger , which still is quite affordable, durable and reliable - didn't really make much sales compare to RAV4 or Prado...untill 2014 model came out. Kluger was a big trend and received great interest from big family, especially by moms. We reckon It's due to its big size as other SUVs, while price is cheaper than most of them.

However, at the same time, there was some negative feedbacks, well in fact it's for most of Toyota vehicles. - The Factory Satellite Navigation system.

The idea of using a mobile date to power up the Navigation system is brillant as it uses accurate map, however at the same times it's totally stupid idea as some drivers might have low data usage allowance on their phone, or some don't want their car audio to use their mobile data. Not to mention pretty expensive Map update fee as well, whether it's from Navteq or WhereIS,

the price from dealerships was between $300 to $390 in AUD.

It's pretty painful to pay consider the Australia's roads are keep constructed / changed, the map update will be more frequent or at worst : the upgrade price might increase.

Hence there's been a research and development went on from aftermarket, and as us, Naviplus are somewhat have huge interest with that tech system we were also part of the group who developed a solid Sat Navigation system that gets displayed on Factory Screen, while not using any single Mobile data.

Sat Navigation powred by licensed iGO 9 - on Toyota Kluger GXL 2014

It's been known as 'Factory Integrated Sat Nav' among aftermarket , Car Audio enthusiasts.

What it does is, literally installs Navigation like we install application on our mobile phone, and this Nav system shows up when needed, disappears whenever not needed / required to.

It is nowhere near mobile data draining Navigation nor wire flying around external GPS system. Obviously, Car Navigation is the system that grants driver easy route finding without watching maps nor searching through a phone - why should it use your own data and money everytime you use it, or drag all the cables and holders around windows and dashboard to distract you?

If you are completely fine with using your mobile data to load the navigation and other features that Toyota grants under name of 'APPS', that is totally fine and it is your preference.

However, if you are not / or not going to be fine with the mobile data usage, this system might be one for you.

Your mobile data is important and should be focused on your social life only, why should a car that should have its own tracking system use yours?


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