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Holden JH-II Cruze. MyLink Integrated Sat Nav + Multimedia Player - Our suggestion of Ultimate In-Ca

Hey guys!

As new cars and new car audio systems come out, there are also new entertainments systems come out from Car Audio aftermarket.

We all need Sat Navigation at some point, someone might need everyday, someone might need every weekends and someone might need whenever they plan out for the holiday.

Also, lots of people are looking for DVD Players in car these days, either for the kids, or for mates while they are having a Car meet / camping / just a classy road trip with drinks and foods.

Imagine you can have those 2 at once, well.. you can if you have like brand new vehicle with top range like VF Calais V or coming up Statesman / Caprice with MyLink system (I believe that's from 2015 models?). But Obviously, those cars aren't easily affordable.

So think about it, let's say you have a Holden Cruze / VF Commodore with base features, just a MyLink that doesn't came with Factory Sat Nav (BrinGO) nor DVD Player, if you want those features, well you can, by having an external GPS such as from TomTom or Garmin, or Goolgle Map App with your phone, and you can also install Single Din DVD Player and wire it up to your MyLink display - Which will take lots of time and money for finding someone who can actually wire the DVD Player to factory screen. (We are pretty certain they will suggest you to replace the whole unit.)

There is a better way, no wires flying around dashboard, no replacing the factory units and no Mobile data usage.

Introducing the Factory MyLink Integrated Navigation & Multimedia system, developed by Naviplus.

The Cruze Equiped JH-II 2013 Rel.Nov Model has been used.

This Equiped model didn't come with any additional options, no Navigation, no Reverse Camera,

no leather seats (Which is unexceptable consider 2008 Honda Civic base model had leather seat)

So the installation has began!


As we reckon replacing the whole audio unit is no longer efficient, I mean well if you really like the feautres of those units in aftermarket, noone is going to stop you ;) - same thought from the owner of Cruze, we've installed an Navigation system powered by licensed iGO Primo 9 map.

From this MyLink status, if you press the 'Home' button on the audio controller: *MyLink doesn't have to turned off, no matter what radio feature is running in background,

pressing HOME button will always switch screen to Navigation.

The screen switches to Naviation from MyLink, the loading screen image can be changed, all depends on brand of the map, year model of the map.

The demonstration of the map - We've entered near street for GPS test, and as iGO is one of the strongest map in the world, the GPS signal gained within 15 seconds of activating Navigation for the first time.

And if you want to go back to MyLink, let's say you want to change the music you listening / want to check out something - pressing any button on audio will return to the MyLink for 3 seconds.

And permant switch back to MyLink is 'BACK' button.

by having HOME - BACK features, no such thing as Music pause, stop / Bluetooh phone call disconnection will occur. It's for convenience of the drivers. :)


And the Multimedia player, of course.

The Multimedia Player has its own directory controll window, based on Window CE. It has adopted same UI as Unix / Android and It is straight forward design. No need to worry about

complicated configurations. The system reads files via SD Card or USB storage. And the system has own SD Card reader / USB cable input, so the factory USB / AUX port can be reamining for additional usage. The owner of this Cruze used the factory USB input inside of the armest as the music file storage and he didn't need to unplug the USB to play the multimedia player.

While the audio monitor does role of showing video on screen, for the sound - We use car's factory

AUX input.

Both Holden Cruze / VF Commodore has USB input & AUX input as a standard. For the cruze, those inputs are located

inside of the armrest box. As the Aux cable is supported by our Navigation module that is hidden inside of cars dashboard, we drag the cable all the way down to the beneath the armrest box, made a hole (which is easy to weld as it's plastic).

Whenever you want to watch the movie, simply plug the 3.5mm cable to the Aux input and the car will start playing the video voice via factory speakers.

Pretty sick feature isn't it? and for those of you who aren't really happy with making hole inside of the car, It was done for the preference of the owner. Every installer has own skills and ways to hide the cable whilst not making hole, but certainly making hole isn't necessary at all.

Lets keep in mind that the installation of this system isn't hard as replacing the whole unit and also isn't expensive as getitng whole new 2 Din Headunit that looks ugly on recent Holden vehicles dashboards.

Yes, we said it. We thought only installing 2 din units on Merc. Beemer or Audi was dumb. But we've actually seen Kenwood Headunit (that unit has top performance yet design sucks.) installed with ugly fascia on VF Commodore SS and we concluded that was pretty dumb move in terms of interior design. Navigation and DVD Player on your MyLink display, as we've said, those features are supported by factory options.

Yet, obviously the price is somewhat disappointing.

If you didn't take any options like those back when you were purchasing your Cruze / Commodore,

why not consider something like this?

It's Factory friendly, It has better quality, and mostly It has better price tag.

And of course, if you want more information / photos - just name it!

Give us a yell for those requests.

Thank you ;)

Jarid B

System Features

  • Navigation system that calibrates & fully compatible with JH Cruze / VF Commodore's audio.

  • Compatible with Reverse Camera fitted (This Cruze didn't have Rear Cam)

  • Easy to switch screen between Nav / MyLink.

  • MyLink system remains same, no such change with radio system required. (Retrofit)

  • Mutlimedia Player add-on : Supports : MP3 / MP4 / MOV / MP2 / MKV / AVI / XVI / JPG / PNG / BMP / TXT *It can play DVD / Blue-Ray files , as long as it's inside of USB storage / SD Card.

  • Multimedia playback via USB connection / SD Card. * Movie playing while driving is strictly prohibited in Australia, and pretty sure the entire world.

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