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Volkswagen Golf Factory screen integrated Sat Nav system - Enhance your audio.

5.8" MIB Audio.

7" MIB Audio (With Discover Pro Sat Navigation)

Volkswagen Golf has been a big hit ever since the line up came out.

It has established it's reputation as reliable compact car for youth, that with quality of German prestige, and price of Japanese / Korean cars.

Originally, since Golf MK5, RNS 310 / 315 / 510 audio with factory Sat Nav were available. Known as Discover Navigation system. RNS310, 315 with 5" Color touch screen, and 510 with 6.5" Color touch screen. RCD 510 also had 6.5" Color Touch screen, yet It didn't have built-in Sat Nav and GPS antenna.

Yet, back in the day, Navigation wasn't really 'essential' and people could live with external Navigation system - such as from TomTom, Garmin etc.

However, as lands gets developed, new streets and roads built and mostly, as In-Car Navigation system has became 'standard feature' for lots of vehicles and ranges. A Factory Sat Navigation is somewhat a feature that people also mainly look for when purchasing a car.

The overall quality of Discover / Pro Navigation is 'Decent'. According to reviews and feedback, It's somewhere between 'Worth paying for' and 'Better than Nothing'.

Unlike other German vehicles, it has touch screen ready for the system and driver can configure without dialing controllers nor pressing audio buttons all the time.

Yet still, the price is pretty tough, a dealership price in Australia for Discover Nav is around $1800 AUD (2014), and Discover Pro (7") is near $2500 to $3000 in AUD.

We get it, Sat Nav is toally worth having in your car, yet the price isn't really understandable.

For last few years, there's been few options available for Sat Nav system.

Either use external GPS gadget, Mobile Phone Navigation or fit a Sat Navigation multimedia unit replacing factory audio.

However, those have significant cons over pros of convienent and cheap price.

1. For external GPS and mobile - It will require additional wires around car dashboard. 2. Update and warranty isn't somewhat you expect it to be smooth and not time wasting.

3. Distract driving - well some people can drive without gettng bothered of touching screen etc.

4. This is mainly for replacing headunits - You lose lots of good factory radio features and if the unit isn't covered well by warranty - You most likely going to end up in lemon boat within less than 2 years.

Compare to those, Discover Pro and Nav Pro options are better choice despite the high price.

So is the factory Sat Nav system best option for you?

The answer is Absolutely Not.

Discover Pro with 7" display seems getting good feedbacks over customers, but the 5.8" Discovery Pro, which those dealerships in Australia mainly have, has some issues with speed and response. Consider you have to pay around $1.8K for it, It isn't something you really want, well you can live with it, yet you can live better than that.

There is some other option, has no such cons of listed above :

It's called Integrated Sat Nav, a Sat Navigation system that fits to your car's exisitng audio display.

This is how the 'Integrated Navigation' works, made with either 2 or singluar module that connected between Car audio display and audio head unit itself, shoots the Navigation images on display while factory features are running in background.

In simple explanation, It is like installing a Nav application on your mobile phone.

Nothing changes, only addtional feature ready to be used.

The best things of the system are; 1. No wires flying around on your dashboard, no need to worry about controlling external device while driving. 2. Fully compatible with exisitng radio features - totally retorfit system that keeps factory features and compatibility.

3. The price isn't cheap as external GPS, however definitely cheaper than getting it from dealerships.

4. No such replacing or modification required for installation.

In addition to no.4 - Golf MK7's audio is so well designed that if you have a right tool and good installation manual with you - you can attempt to do it by yourself. ('Attempt' - we still strongly recommend installation via proper installer for car and your bank account's sake)

The installation Sat Nav powered by Licensed iGO Primo 9 on VW Golf MK7 2014 - by Naviplus

It's not a rocket science, and nothing really special about it, It's still 'Getting a Sat Nav' to you car in different form.

Yet that 'Different form' is somewhat more effective and suits well with car.

This system has been in market ever since car manufacturers decided to include color display as a car audio feature - since then this system evolved along with Car technology.

If you are a Car enthusiast, and want everything in your car 'factory', AND looking for a Sat Navigation for Australian roads those evolve day by day, this system could be the ultimate solution for you.

Click to visit the store of Naviplus for relevant product.

Click to go to relevant Car audio upgrade for Golf MK7 (Check the Main image of the page)

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