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Volkswagen Caddy - Reverse Camera Integration

Just a brief information post about how we install the reverse camera, on Volkswagen Caddy.

The product we currently offer is available from the link below:

Some , more like most of commercial vehicles from VW - Caddy / Transporter / Krafter are usually under-equipped with techs, as those cars are generally used for fleet or simply for sole purpose of 'courier' - which the tech isn't really important but cargo space is - , Amarok used to be in that group as well but nowadays It's becoming more of a 'family ute'.

Anyway, those VW Caddys from 2015 come in 2 different shapes

One with a barn door:

And the other has a standard tailgate - mainly those Caddy models designed for non-commercial usage (with seats)

When it comes to the installation, It does not matter at all whether It has the barndoor or standard tailgate.

Because when It comes to an aftermarket integration & retrofit, all it matter is the Infotainment unit, what we normally call 'Headunit' in the vehicle.

Composition Media Audio - It was available for most of those VW base trim models produced between

2013 - 2018

Before anything, there are 2 questions something that We've been frequently asked -

Q - Can't we just plug the aftermarket camera (RCA) into the headunit?

A - The original Composition Media headunit does not have any RCA inputs nor any video input to accept

external video source.

Q- Can we just insert / tap the camera wire with coding?

A- It's possible, but varies on vehicle / headunit itself. Certain models have different set of MQB setting that doesn't support it.

Again, there are other ways like activating the camera system and installing one with adapter etc, but as stated above It varies on vehicle / audio spec etc. Hence the integration products like ours will grant the safest result.

For the barndoor models, we install the camera on a side of the trunk trim, opposite door to the badged door.

And the wires of the camera (Yes, we don't use wireless Reverse camera because It's crap and you still have to connect it to the power and relay / rear detect source) will go through the trunk panel and through that tubing connects trunk trim and the tailgate panel of the vehicle.

Whilst the wire insertion isn't easy at all, It still can be done without damaging any trim / cables in the trunk area.

And then the camera wire goes through the sidewall of the vehicle, then goes under the seat / floor trim to come out through the footrest trim, then connects to the headunit.

This whole wiring part is something that we can't really guide through, each car may have a different setup of back seats / cargo area and many other technicians have their own way of feeding the wire between the dash / hole etc.

Hence If you are going to install the camera integration bit by yourself, and if you aren't really experienced with such stuff, highly recommended to let the professional one to handle it, like us - if you are in Melbourne that is.

The Installation within the headunit, It's not entirely a plug and play as you do need to 'open' it and access the components inside, but no such major modification is required though - no soldering / cutting wires etc.

And once It's all done -

Whenever you put your van on reverse, the camera will show up on the screen straight away.

It's featured with a dynamic guidelines, meaning that those circled wires will follow the direction of steering wheel,

If you steer it right, the handle will also tilt towards right, same for left.

Here's a video from our previous installation -

Which was installed on brand new Caddy MAXI, that had a barndoor.

We've installed both Sat Nav and the reversing camera.


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