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Dodge RAM - AUS / NZ Street map with Offroad Map retrofit package is now available

For those Dodge RAM - whether it was imported or sold in AU / NZ locally, we Naviplus now introduce NAV package, for both street Map and offroad Maps.

Featured with iGO Primo for the street map, and both OziExplorer and HEMA for offroad topographic maps, which can be purchased from below link: ​

As you may all know , due to the RAM was never sold in Australia till 2019,

Its UConnect system never had Australian mapping installed, nor were able to activate it , as it doesn't have reserved memory / setting for it.

Besides, the CFJ - Chrysler / Fiat / Jeep has discontinued the map support for Australia since 2015, which they had plan to replace it with CarPlay / Android Auto, which got delayed for 3 years till end of 2018.

Hence We've installed Sat Nav with latest map for entire Australia, via iGO Primo.

and also installed EYEVIEW Front Camera that will provide 180' view angle, with multi display function.

Below are photos from right after the installation - hence the dashes are pulled / connections are all visible, but the whole installation procedure done without damaging the dash

Sat Nav - Via iGO Primo with latest map for entire Australia and NZ.

It will come with full speed warning / camera warning and POI information throughout every single states of Australia.

Unfortunately offroad map isn't included, yet it's possible to mount either OziExplorer or HEMA map.

Front Camera - mounted above reg plate.

As you can see, the camera provides 3 different view mode,s just like those factory reversing camera of Honda and many others.

And the view angle, which is literally 180', helps the parking, as it will show everything in front of the car, without blind spot

For those standard front view camera from aftermarket, they normally have 120' view angle, if good one, maybe up to 140' Which usually shows only area within that orange dot lines. showing red and white ute sitting in front of the car.

Whereas for 180' camera, It will show the others next to those 2, blue car on under rack, and trucks few meters away from the grey Chevy silverado.

Not because we sell this, but this kind of camera is really ideal for commercial / big vehicle as it helps with checking parking clearance, and also incoming traffic / peds when you are coming out from narrow alleyway or parking lot.

All above systems are currently available from Naviplus, and soon will be updated on our online store.

We'd like to thank American Vehicle Sales and owner of the car, Gabe for allowing us to work on their Dodge Ram, and we'd like to also thank you for reading.

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