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Official update - 2020 1st Quarter products updates from Naviplus

Although this COVID crisis been hitting the entire world - and from bottom of our hearts wish you all nothing but safety- , us Naviplus have been working on new products and expanding its compatible vehicle range, since last Dec.

Clicking the title will direct you to the dedicated item from our online store.

Reference video (although it say its MY17 it will have exact same result with brand new ones)

We've been offering LC200 2014 - 2018 models with resistive touch screen since start of 2019.

and when Toyota done facelift with LC200 from 2018, started with Sahara models, which came with capacitive touch screen.

And from Jan - We've tested on multiple different LC200 models, from GX to VX and Sahara, with our CarPlay / android auto integration, and successfully installed on those brand new vehicles before delivered to the customers, since then we are offering it to worldwide.

For QashQai and X-Trail, there's little bit of limitation, which is that it only works with those ST-L

/ Ti models from 2017 to current.

As there was bit of 'face lift' happened from 2017, and the Nissan did change the appearance of dash control / facia etc, so we are in process of testing this on older ST-L / TI trim models.

But for brand new QashQai and X-Trail, those were fully tested from local Nissan dealer's vehicle and ready to roll out.

3. (Coming soon) Apple CarPlay Integration for Alfa Stelvio

It's not available yet on our online store - which will be soon in couple of days from now-

This is the one of latest product & vehicle we've tested, done back in mid Mar 2020.

The Stelvio and some High end Alfa models use BMW's iDrive instead of Mopar's UConnect.

which makes the car to have completely different infotainment system - no touch screen, wider display and better resolution.

As we have many, many experiences with BMW, the installation was rather simple and smooth consider it was our first time ever testing on this vehicle.

Above products were all tested on AUS models, and some were tested on US / Europe models via our partners and devs.

100% compatibility guaranteed and more info & video will be updated via our website and Youtube channel.

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