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Apple CarPlay / Android Auto or Apple TV - Couple of upgrades for those Renault with R-Link II

For those Renault Koleos and Megane models from 2016 to 2018, with both 7" & 9" R-Link II Infotainment system:

R-Link II 7"

R-Link II 9"

We are offering an integration of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto , or an AppleTV, involves with installation of hardware boxes those attaches to the R-Link II.

The Integration is nothing to do with a replacement of the audio. It will not change anything from the vehicle nor the audio setup in that matter,

only adding those additional feature / apps to be used on existing audio screen and speakers.

Our product is not a genuine Renault product, hence it will not create the new icon within the audio screen nor update the software in any way.

Yet the idea of Integration, is to utilize the existing hardware in the car - in this case the monitor and speaker - to display and play sound through it.

Not thing more than that.

Like above, It uses the HOME Button located next to the screen, to switch the display mode between original radio and the CarPlay / Android Auto.

On the same display, and the sound will be played through car speakers, and any other audio / electronic related functions will work as they should.

Currently only available for Renault Koleos and Megane models, with either 7" or 9" R-Link II Display.

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