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Offroad Nav & Caravan / Towing camera upgrade for Holden Colorado

We are now offering an audio integrated upgrade package for Holden Colorado from 2014 - current models, both pre / Face lifted models.

Featured with 3 different products of ours :

OziExplorer - Offroad Navigation

One of the alternative solutions for HEMA Offroad Navigation, which is technically the same system as HEMA. It will be provided as on board Android App inside of the Android platform we provide.

CarPlay & Android Auto

Most of you will know CarPlay and Android Auto - which are now pretty much core feature of new cars these days.

It will provide certain Navigation / media apps from your phone to be displayed on the same MyLink display, and you can control it through the touch screen.

It's nothing like the BrinGo far more superior integration of your smartphone.

Caravan / Towing camera integration

Quite most of Colorado models came with factory fitted camera, and lots of Colorado utes are used for towing.

Obviously when you put the car on reverse, it will show the car's camera not the back of caravan or trailer etc, hence lots of drivers use those external display to be mounted somewhere. Which does its job but too messy and distracting.

Our product provides integration of the camera, on to the same screen, and it allows you to switch between original camera & caravan camera.

So It's combined package of both Offroad & Street Navigation (via CarPlay / Android Auto) along with parking assist system for towing.

The much needed package, is available for Holden Colorado from 2014 to current models,

available from below link:

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