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HRV's HondaLink Integrated GPS Update - Installation on brand new 2016 HRV VTi-L

And recently, really recently (just a day ago), Naviplus offered our GPS system & service directly to the customer, not at dealerships's yard but with customer brought his 3 weeks old , brand new 2016 Honda HRV 2016 VTi-L to our workshop.

The customer was a senior citizen, who preferred the GPS system to be displayed right on audio, not using anything else nor sticking TomTom or Garmin on Windscreen.

Which Naviplus's HondaLink Integrated Audio system was a perfect option from him hence searched us for the product info and installation.

The Navigation System, powered by iGO GPS Map gets integrated right into the HondaLink Audio system without any change nor remove of features from the vehicle.

The beauty of Naviplus' Factory Audio Integrated System, just like this HondaLink GPS is that - regardless of whether It's a camera / MirrorLink or GPS - It will not cause any sort of appearance change / feature loss or alteration of existing system.

Having said that, whilst the GPS is being powered up on display, HondaLink's features like Bluetooth / Radio / Music etc will be still running in background.

And this is not just for HRV model, but all those Honda vehicles with HondaLink Audio system, are compatible with Naviplus's HondaLink Audio Integrated GPS Navigation System and will grant same result

Not to mention those:

Honda's 3-point Multi View mode Reversing Camera and Lane Watch will remain same to be used.

Some of questions we had from our previous customers were that :

'Whether the system has to switch display mode back to factory audio screen in order to view the park / drive assistant camera.

The answer is No, as a part of 'Audio Integration', the system will integrated whilst not conflicting with car's settings - which means that as those cameras has high priority / hierarchy of importance / action scale in Car's computer, those has to be displayed no matter what was running before.

Which Naviplus's Audio Integration products complies to it and not conflict to it.

Hence even while in GPS Mode, lane watch,

Will displayed whenever the car's left indicator is on (as Lane Watch is available for Left side only for AU vehicles). And whenever the lane watch is no longer needed & indicator turns off, It will go back to GPS Mode.

Sames goes to Reversing camera system of Honda:

Whenever the car is reversing, Rear cam will show up as it should be, even if GPS was displayed, and those 3 different views can still be selected via touching the screen.

Full Integration

Naviplus's HondaLink Integrated GPS Navigation system not just add GPS system that displayed on factory audio screen, but also grants full audio integration.

Which means that, when the GPS is being displayed and makes voice guidance / alert - It will be played through Car speakers.

And if Radio / Bluetooth Audio stream or music stream via USB / CD or DVD etc were playing in background,

It will do Fade In & Out along with GPS sound, which background sound will be muted whilst voice is being played. - Which can be disabled if you prefer that way.

Also, It will create an Integrated menu interface dedicated for GPS system - even if you accidentally turn the software off, you can select that NAVIGATION ICON (green circle) to proceed to GPS again.

This all can be done without changing nor removing anything from the vehicle.

Everything will remain same, thus your warranty with Honda dealership will remain unthreatened.

We've in fact recorded some videos of the system performing, which will be updated shortly and included in this post in future.

This system is currently available in Naviplus @ VIC, and also available for via our representatives in NSW, QLD,SA and WA.

Thank you for reading.


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